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The Time They Cancelled The Show

Det. Douglas shows up at Sarah's place when he's off-duty, to deliver a second set of developed prints. The lab has the other set, because they think they will be able to blow some up and use them for the ring detail. Apparently, he was nice enough to make the second set for Mollie's family, but I think he just wants to slobber all over Sarah's dinners. He confirms this idea by mentioning that there's "a nice shot of [Sarah] at Rockefeller Center," where Sarah confirms they were ice skating, of all ridiculously touristy things to do in New York. Det. Douglas apologizes for freaking Sarah out about how unsafe her apartment is, and offers to stop by on his day off and fix it up for her. "Thank you. Thank you, Detective Douglas," Sarah simpers. "Sam," Det. Douglas says, and in one fell swoop, he puts their relationship on a more personal level. The better to get to know your dinners, dearie.

On the subway home, Platypus sees a headline: "Curtain Comes Down on Young Actress: Violent End to Broadway Dream." Well, well, what do you know? Platypus is turning pea green with envy that all it took was a mugger and his knife to get Mollie's face on the front page of all the papers. I'll bet she finds a way to work this into her next audition. Platypus comes raging into the apartment, "I can't believe you," she spits out at Sarah. Sarah is confused, so Platypus is only too happy to elaborate: "I can't believe you would actually talk about me and Mollie that way!" Sarah, the dunce, is still not catching on. Platypus seeks to enlighten her: "Why would you tell that guy I had problems with her? Why would you say that about me?" Sarah denies all knowledge of Platypus's slobbery ravings. "You gave an interview to the paper!" Platypus shrieks. Sarah is horrified and denies it, but Platypus tells her she's a liar. "''They were friends back home in Oregon, but in New York all these jealousies started creeping in,' said mutual friend, Sarah Merrin,'" quoth the Platypus evermore. Sarah fumbles for the paper and sees her own words in black and white. She tells Platypus, with perfunctory "oh my gods," that she didn't realize the random man who started talking to them in the bar was a reporter. Somehow, this doesn't calm Platypus down, and she demands, "Great, then you just said all this to some stranger?" Platypus whines that everybody is going to read the paper, and says, "Why would you do that to me? Don't you think I cared about her? Don't you think I loved her?" Sarah says she knows Platypus did, in her Platypussy way, and asks Platypus not to be mad at her. Platypus tells Sarah to get away from her, and that she doesn't even want to look at her. Platypus slams the door and Sarah throws down the paper in a hissyfit of anger. Platypus shows up at J.B.'s and begs for pity (or a hair wash, it's so hard to tell these days!): "I'm so tired. I'm just so tired, J.B. and I thought maybe if I came over here, maybe if I laid down next to you, I could close my eyes and get some sleep." Yes, because he's that boring. J.B. invites her in. Good thing that Sophie chick is out of the picture.

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