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The Time Everything Changed

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The Time They Cancelled The Show

Another Neutrogena commercial and still we get no Love. Do you think that means her show is cancelled and she's no longer cash money? Nahhh.

J.B. tries to quietly make coffee the next morning, but his careful efforts are in vain. "It's okay, I'm awake," Platypus tells him. J.B. asks if she's okay now, and Platypus resents this. "'Okay?'" she says. "All I am is not so tired, it doesn't change anything." J.B. tries to amend his first question, but Platypus interrupts, "It's morning and it's still true, I didn't dream it." Platypus goes on that it seems unreal that Mollie is gone. J.B. is studiously silent. "What, you have nothing to say?" Platypus says. "Look, this is the first time that something really bad has happened to you and it's totally tragic and pointless, but impossible to believe? I don't know what to say, Rome. Not to me. The fact is that life is totally unfair and that some people you love die too soon. And when it happens to you over and over again, you kind of start expecting it. You lose friends to drugs, to gangs. Your dad drops dead of a heart attack at thirty-nine and nothing seems impossible to believe anymore, you know?" Okay, they are trying to make J.B. out to be the man about the street, the hard one, the jaded one. Except for this nice little speech he gave, do we have any character background for him to be so bitter about? NO. That's why they cancelled the show.

Det. "Call Me Sam I Am" Douglas is getting Sarah all fitted up with the recent innovations in home security, and tells her that he read the stats on her street: "Last year alone, six break-ins, four muggings, and two armed robberies. I'm telling ya, this is the best protection you can get. Well, short of a boyfriend [ooh, he's so clever how he just worked that in -- I'm agog with admiration], which I'm guessing you don't have. I'm single too, you know, with my hours it's kinda difficult to get somethin' goin'. But lately, I've been reading a lot of books about finding a balance." Saints preserve us. I don't think I am ready for the New York Dick who reads books about life balance. Sarah's not impressed and asks him how much she owes him for "all this." "Don't worry about it," Sam Spade tells her. "You're probably the kind of girl who insists on paying for her half of dinner, right?" Well, she'd never admit to the fact that she paid for her dinners, that's for damn sure. "Silicon-free," my kidney stones. Surprise, surprise, Sam I Am thought that going on a date with her would be payment enough for his pains. Sarah flips out and tells him how inappropriate he is, seeing that her friend was just murdered and all. "Huh. What did you think was going on here?" Sammy Sosa asks. Sarah tells him she didn't think. All together now: What else is new under the sun? Sam says, "Whatever," and tells her he'll just leave her alone, packs up his tools and leaves without finishing the job.

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Time of Your Life




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