Time of Your Life
The Time Everything Changed

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The Time They Cancelled The Show

In their apartment, Sarah asks Platypus when she's coming back. Platypus is packing and answers that she doesn't know if she is coming back. "Is this because of me?" Sarah asks. Do I have to say it yet again? This show is not called The Time of Sarah's Life, although you wouldn't know it to watch it, would you? Platypus tells her it's not because of her. Sarah frantically asks what she's supposed to do about the rent and the lease. Platypus says she'll figure it out later. On her way to the door, Platypus collapses and sobs that she's a horrible person because she keeps thinking, "Thank God it wasn't [her]." Sarah tries to convince her that she's not a horrible person, and that they should stick together. Thank God it doesn't work, because Platypus finally leaves. For good. (Insert evil laugh here.) Sarah frantically fumbles around with some window latches, locks and screws and finally gives up and goes over to Scraggle's place. "What is it?" Scraggle asks sleepily, "What happened?" Sarah wails out, "I'm not handy!" Well, what she actually says is that Romy went back to Portland and that she's afraid to be alone. "I'm so afraid, Maguire," Sarah snots. She grabs Scraggle, who tells her he won't let anything happen to her. "Can you hold me tighter?" is Sarah's response. Scraggle complies, "How's that?" he asks. "Even tighter," she insists.

Goodbye, Leia, goodbye, Joss. Goodbye, J.B. and your hair of moss.
Goodbye, Cecilia, goodbye, Platypus. Goodbye, Scraggle, you sniveling wuss.
Goodnight, Spence, goodbye, Hewitt. Goodnight keckler whispering, "Screw it!"
Goodbye Time. Goodbye Life. Goodbye Dinners, everywhere!

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Time of Your Life




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