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The Time She Got Mobbed

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The Time She Got Mobbed

Sarah is in Maguire's, a.k.a. Scraggle Rock's, music store, bending his ear, as usual. Scraggle tells her that it all sounds a bit dodgy that some guy walked into the bar and offered her a "gig" based on her karaoke singing. Sarah giggles and says, "Okay, that is the problem with you New Yorkers -- you're just too jaded." You know, just because they don't want Sarah Sunshine shoved up their bums doesn't make them jaded. Besides, when was she so eager to make such a distinction between herself and New Yorkers? She's been a wanna-be New Yorker since the bloody beginning of the show. Scraggle tells her to be careful. Sarah tells him she will and that she's really excited blah blah and maybe singing is what she's supposed to do blah blah has nothing, so nothing to lose. Except the last shred of respect I had left for this show. No, wait, that disappeared when she stripped last week and left Spencer's apartment half-dressed. So, sing away, simp. Sarah pleads with Scraggle to be her backup guitarist, and Scraggle plays his "I was once a rock star, but for some reason I won't divulge, I don't play anymore" card yet again. Sarah continues with more shallow flattery and guilt-inducing pleading: "I wouldn't ask, but this might be unbelievably huge for me . . ." Scraggle gives in. What a jellyfish. Of course, Sarah has on a dinner-accentuating tee-shirt again, so maybe that won the argument.

At J.B.'s Clip And Curl job, the Platypus is explaining that she got the part: "See, a good director doesn't care if you screw up a word or two. He said I nailed the character, his exact words. I even saved the message." The head J.B. is washing gasps, "J.B., too cold!" and J.B. apologizes and asks Platypus what the show is. Apparently it is something called "Destiny Harbor," and she plays Nurse Number Two. Platypus starts to explain that she knows it's only a "stupid soap," but she's interrupted by J.B.'s client, who had just complained that the water was too hot, and who now says, "Destiny Harbor is not a 'stupid soap.' It can't be a stupid soap and stay on television for twenty-six years!" J.B. and Platypus exchange a look above the woman's head. Platypus asks J.B. to tape it for her, but he suddenly looks nervous. Some older-looking chick has just walked in the beauty parlor and is headed toward them. "J.B?" Platypus is waiting for an answer to her video tape question. J.B. tells her that he'll tape it, answers her other question that he can't have a celebratory dinner with her that night, and hints that he needs to get back to work. "But maybe later in the week, we can do dinner and a wash?" he asks. ("Dinner and a wash"? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?) Platypus agrees and kisses him good-bye. Once Platypus is out of sight, J.B. walks over to greet the older-looking chick with a kiss, who says, "Hey, you." J.B. calls her Joan and tells her, "You're tan!" Joan explains that she had three weeks with nothing to do (except send J.B. a postcard and buy him a sweater, apparently, because she seems to have done both). Joan shows J.B. the tight aqua sweater she bought him in Madeira. "Wow, this is beautiful, you didn't have to do that," J.B. says. Joan lays the sweater against J.B.'s chest: "I know, I know, I just saw it and thought of you." Let me guess -- the third show in two weeks to have the older married woman boinking the younger single guy storyline?

Scraggle and Sarah are walking down the street together, and Sarah is complaining about nerves. Scraggle says, "I thought you said you performed before." "Yeah, at a coffee house in San Francisco -- this is a club in New York!" and then moans something unintelligible about "there goes my eye, if I step in water I'm gonna electrocute myself." I played the tape back several times with the closed captioning on and I still couldn't figure out what that was supposed to mean. Scraggle tells her to chill and then points out that they have arrived at the club. Sarah thrusts her sheet music at Scraggle and orders him to "hold this, I cannot go into this place in your parka!" (why not?) and takes off said parka to reveal a low-cut red velvet dress (oh, that's why -- time to display her dinners). "Do I look okay?" she asks a drooling Scraggle, who tells her, natch, that she looks beautiful. She can afford to keep buying slinky dresses to support her singing habit, yet she has to borrow Scraggle's parka because in four weeks she still hasn't bought herself a coat? Sarah thanks Scraggle "so much for saying you'd do this," kisses him on the cheek, gives The Giggle and says, "Okay, here goes." Scraggle sighs and follows. They approach the "club," which is all lit up with neon signs as some Italian accordion music is playing. Whether the music is coming from the club or is just for the show, we don't know, but Sarah asks, "This is the place?" and Scraggle says, "Now I'm nervous." They walk towards it anyway.

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