Time of Your Life
The Time She Got Mobbed

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The Time She Got Mobbed

Platypus is fiddling with a vase of flowers: "I ask you, how romantic is J.B.?" Sarah, from her corner says, "Romy, there is no card, how do you know they aren't for me?" Platypus says disdainfully, "Because I have a new boyfriend and a new job, and you have an ex-boyfriend and you just bombed in front of the Mob at the Staten Island Clam House." (Wow. I mean, Sarah's not my favorite person in the least, but -- bitch much, Romy?) Anthony Rizzoli is knocking at the door. Ten bucks says those roses are from Anthony and Platypus is going to have to eat her words along with her lipstick. Sarah lets Anthony in after telling Romy she has to stay with her. I just want to make the comment that it is supposed to be November, yet Sarah is lounging about in a strappy tank top as though she were back in California. It was snowing in Felicity's New York. No wonder she can't seem to figure out that she needs her own parka. Sarah covers up her obvious cleavage with a floral shirt while Anthony walks around saying that the security in their building sucks: "Some old lady just let me in. You know what you should do is have a tenants' meeting. You'd be surprised how powerful people can be when they're organized." Anthony remembers his manners and introduces himself to Romy (who introduces herself as "Jill Bennett") and then turns to Sarah, apologizing for tracking her down, "but the short version is I got a sister who works for the phone company." Tony asks Romy to leave them to their business and gives her some money: "Why don't you go buy yourself a coffee or a blouse of some kind." So that's supposed to be either a comment on how much money he gave her, or his opinion of Platypus's fashion sense. I'll take the latter and laugh. Romy leaves gratefully. Sarah tells Tony that she doesn't know if she wants to be a singer. Tony tells her not to let the reaction last night "kill her dreams" and that she's got talent, but if she doesn't believe him, maybe she'll believe Mitchell Shane, who produced Blue Emerald's album that went double platinum. Sarah starts in on the simpering and asks if this Mitchell guy actually wants to hear her sing. Tony tells her that Mitchell guy already has, because Tony sent him the tape from her performance at the Clam House and now the guy wants to meet her.

Platypus attacks J.B. with a kiss, telling him that he is the best for sending her the flowers on her first day of shooting. J.B. is confused and tells Platypus that he didn't send her the flowers (ha!) and then feels bad that he didn't think to do it. Platypus, disappointed, tells him that it's okay because she wasn't expecting flowers anyway, and she leaves for her job. J.B. bangs his head on the closed door.

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Time of Your Life




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