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The Time She Got Mobbed

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The Time She Got Mobbed

Strange that they had a "Meatsa Trio" Domino's commercial with the Three Tenors following this scene.

It's raining out, and J.B. has given Platypus a VCR. Guilt presents already? This must be what Platypus is thinking, because she says, "I don't know, J.B., I hate to bring this up because I hate the way it sounds but I left you two messages last night and I was up until three and you never came home and now you are buying me an expensive gift." J.B. lies through his capped teeth and tells her that he was with a buddy in Washington Heights, had a few, and didn't want to take the train back, so he crashed there, "That's all." Platypus asks, "Am I incredibly insecure or what?" J.B. responds, "You're an actress," and then asks about Valerie. Platypus explains that her part got bigger and that her character's name is now Valerie. J.B. tells he'll get her a lot more tapes, but Platypus tells him he's done enough and then kisses him, saying, "You're the best!" Funny how J.B. doesn't look like he agrees with her.

Scraggle and Sarah are walking through an open-air market in the rain, and Sarah is looking ridiculous in braids and saying, "Okay, I haven't known you long enough to know if you are an 'I told you so' person." Scraggle answers, "Not my style." Sarah explains that Tony is interested in more than her voice. Scraggle bursts out, "Yes, did I call it or what?" Sarah complains, "Hey, I thought you just said you don't say --" Scraggle interrupts her, "'I told you so.' I say 'I called it' all the time. So I guess that's it?" Sarah indicates that she hasn't made up her mind on that front, saying that Tony is still interested in her voice too. Scraggle asks Sarah if she is just going to lead Tony on. Sarah has a better idea -- she wants Scraggle to pretend to be her boyfriend. Why am I not surprised at this unique and creative plot twist? Oh, right -- because it's neither. Scraggle protests the idea, and Sarah pouts. Scraggle asks why she can't just pretend she has a boyfriend back home: "Why don't you just say you are still with -- that guy?" "Because I need someone here, a warm body, and he's seen us together. So, you and me, we make sense," explains Sarah, and then she goes on to say that all he has to do is put his arm around her and call her sweetie "or something -- how hard can that be?" Scraggle looks sheepishly thrilled at the prospect.

Platypus, in a slutty little nurse uniform with heels, is going over her part. The main actress comes out and the scene starts for real. But wait! There seem to be two Valeries! Apparently and with no explanation, Romy is back to being Nurse Number Two, and they've given Valerie to someone else. The director asks Nurse Number Two if she can "make the bed or something" during the scene. Numbly, Nurse Number Two does so.

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