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The Time She Got Mobbed

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The Time She Got Mobbed

J.B. is back at Joan's apartment. Joan calls out from a very steamy shower, "Can you hand me a washcloth?" A shirtless J.B. hands it to her and gets a kiss as thanks. J.B. wipes the steam off the mirror with a towel and frowns at himself. Ooh, maybe he doesn't like what he sees.

Platypus is wiping off the lipstick she chewed on earlier, and another nurse (not the new Valerie) asks, "You okay, kiddo?" Platypus says brightly, "I'm fine." The nurse contradicts her, "Please, you just got royally screwed. You deserve to bitch a little." Platypus starts crying and tells her that she ran up her phone bill calling everyone she knows and telling them that she was going to be a star, and now she has to call them back to tell them she's a big loser. The other nurse tells her she's not a loser, and fills Platypus in on the reason Dede got the Valerie part: "Let's just say that she has her own way of auditioning." Naive Platypus asks through her tears, "What do you mean?" "Kiddo, she slept with the director." Platypus, astounded, asks, "When?" The other nurse says, "My guess is during lunch." Platypus is stunned.

Tony, wearing a black turtleneck and a grey sport coat, is in Scraggle's music store, and Bob Dylan's "Shelter From The Storm" is playing in the background. Scraggle asks Tony if he needs any help, and Tony tells him that his "jazz section blows. No 'Blossom Dearie'?" Scraggle tells him it's only on vinyl and asks if he's a fan. Tony says it's for Sarah's demo. "I heard something about that," Scraggle says. Tony says that Sarah tells him she and Scraggle have been together since she moved to New York, and that it was love at first sight. Scraggle answers, "Pretty much." Tony asks, "Now nothing personal, but do you really think that you have enough to offer a girl like Sarah?" Tony blathers on that he could open doors for Sarah and that she is not going to be satisfied with a guy who works in a record store. Sarah walks in and sees Tony so she runs over to Scraggle and kisses him fakely on the cheek. Tony says he's bringing Mitchell to see her at the bar so they can talk about ideas for songs. Sarah says she has ideas too. "Great, so it's a date," Tony says and leaves.

Platypus and J.B. are eating at a restaurant counter, and Platypus has just explained what happened to her part. J.B. commiserates with her, and Platypus goes on to say how disgusting it is to do what Dede did to just to get something (I guess that's one in the eye for J.B.) and that she never used to believe the stories about the "casting couch." Platypus muses that maybe Dede "has it all figured out, maybe this is what you have to do if you want to get ahead." J.B. says, "For some people, Rome, not for you." J.B. attempts to placate her by saying that she got the job in the first place based on her talent, even though she thought she blew the audition, and that she doesn't need to do what Dede did because Platypus actually has talent. Platypus isn't convinced when J.B. says she should feel sorry for Dede, "because the truth is, I'll bet she doesn't feel so good about how she got it either." I think we are supposed to believe that J.B. is speaking directly from experience here. Just an idea.

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