Time of Your Life
The Time She Made A Temporary Decision

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At the bar, none of the people who were looking for temp work can help Sarah out. J.B. sits at the bar and says to Joss, "You know when you know you are getting a cold and it hasn't quite arrived yet, but you can feel it lurking like it's a few days away from happening?" Joss tells him to lay off the booze if he's getting a cold. J.B. tells her he's making an analogy that this Mini-Tom Cruise is like a lurking cold waiting to pounce on Platypus. Then J.B. asks for a shot to go with his beer. Sarah approaches Doug, Self-Proclaimed Computer Geek. "Sarah, is that you?" he asks, squinting. Apparently, Doug sneezed, his glasses flew off and got crushed, and now he's doing everything "by touch," he tells her, knocking over a bowl of chips. Danny shows up and walks over to the bar. "Hey, are you ready to go?" he asks Joss. Joss tells him that the chick who's supposed to relieve her is twenty minutes late, so he should just hang out. She introduces J.B. and Danny. Danny says, "You're a friend of Joss's? Can I buy you a beer?" What is the deal with this guy? He seems to good to be true, yet something doesn't seem quite right.

Kids, you aren't going to believe this next scene. We actually get to see Cecilia again! "What's up?" Cecilia asks after Sarah knocks at her door. "What are the chances that (a) you're free tomorrow and (b) you know how to type?" Sarah asks. Cecilia grins evilly. In her apartment, Cecilia's fingers fly over her laptop's keyboard. "Oh, my god, you are amazing!" Sarah says. "Grad school, baby. Not only can I type ninety-eight words per minute, but watch this!" Cecilia proceeds to sing loudly while typing at the same time. Sarah asks her if she "feels fairly confident with copying equipment." "Are you kidding? I did this whole project in undergrad Anthro where I got people of all different races to photocopy their asses," Cecilia tells her. Sarah asks her not to mention that tomorrow. "Honey," Cecilia says chomping on a celery stick, "for sixteen bucks an hour, I'll even wear underwear!" Aw, I've missed Cecilia and her crazy offbeat ways. Although she's being way too nice to Sarah.

J.B. swigs his beer, smiles at Danny, and says, "So, a thousand bucks gets me in?" he asks. "That's it, and then all you need to do is bring in two, three, four other people," Danny says. "I guess there's a couple of guys at work who could scrape up that kind of dough," J.B. says. "They'll thank you for it," Danny says, and tells him that a friend of his made eight thousand dollars on a thousand-dollar investment. J.B. is impressed. ["J.B. is a moron if he can't tell it's a pyramid scheme. Oh well, it's not like any of these plots matter anymore anyway." -- Sars] Danny says that they are all having a meeting that weekend to talk about it. "No pressure, but if you want to come along," Danny offers. Joss shows up and says that she hopes Danny isn't inviting J.B. along on their date: "No offense, J.B., but you understand," Joss says. Danny says he's just giving "her friend" some investment advice. J.B. tells them to enjoy the movie: "I didn't, but you might," he says ruefully. Joss tells J.B. that she told the bartender to cut him off after this last drink, and that she thinks he's freaking out over nothing in regards to Platypus.

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Time of Your Life




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