Time of Your Life
The Time She Made A Temporary Decision

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Spencer tells Sarah that Leia's publicist opted not to represent Spencer once Leia gave him an ultimatum. Sarah asks what he really needed the publicist for, and Spencer lists all the sordid details: setting up software, handing out flyers, bartending, greeting the press, et cetera. Sarah shakes her head and tells Spencer that they should've been up-front with Leia from the git-go. "Look, can we schedule the moral recriminations for later?" Spencer asks, "because right now I have less than five hours to tell the press that the launch is still on and scrape together the crew to pull it off and I don't have a clue how to start." Sarah looks thoughtful. In the next shot, she approaches a fellow bar worker who is wearing very thick glasses and gives him a winning smile. "Doug, weren't you some sort of applied science major at college?" she asks him. Doug snivels and pushes up his glasses, "Yep, that's me, guilty as charged: complete computer nerd." Then why is he bussing tables in the same dive Sarah works? Why isn't he designing amazing websites like mightybigtv.com? Sarah bats her eyes and asks if he might be free that evening. Oh, she's a crafty one, thinking no one could turn down a night with her dinners. Doug glows and says, "Sure! Why?" Sarah leans in suggestively, saying, "I've got a proposal for you." Ooh, and is it Indecent? Excuse me while I puke in my martini. Meanwhile, in the non-Sarah parts of the bar, Joss's pilot friend Danny is making Scraggle a health club membership buy-out offer he can't refuse. "Twenty cents on the dollar," Danny proposes. Scraggle whistles and asks why Danny would want to "take such a loss." Danny tells him that he can probably sell his membership to "some Wall Street type for top dollar --" "My point exactly," Scraggle interrupts. "But," Danny goes on, "there I would be stuck for six months in London thinking about some bozo in an Armani jockstrap benching 350 in front of this one [here he nods at Joss, who smiles demurely] -- I mean, who needs that kind of aggravation?" I'd like to inject some reality into this show (I know, hopeless cause) by saying that I'm sure Armani-jockstrap-wearing Wall Street bozos aren't hard up for gym memberships. Don't they all have private gyms installed in their office buildings or something?

Back to Sarah's wheeling and dealing as she convinces a waitress to come help out for twelve dollars an hour at www.savespencersass.com. Shifting back to the gym bidding, Danny throws in the golden chip of giving Scraggle his locker combination and coupon for two free shakes at the juice bar. Scraggle gives his growing butt a quick thought and shakes Danny's hand, telling him he's made himself a deal. "Cash, totally under the table," Sarah is telling yet another web recruit as she scribbles down the launch information: "Here's the address, six-thirty sharp, wear a turtleneck, black skirt and lose the nose ring, okay?" The newest recruit watches Sarah's back as she bustles away. I think we all know what she's thinking: "What a bitch."

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Time of Your Life




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