Time of Your Life
The Time She Made A Temporary Decision

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Romy throws her coat over a midriff-bearing tee. "Twenty-Five Inspirational Stories of People Who Started Their Own Successful Businesses From Scratch," she reads, "ooh, catchy title." Sarah tells her she hasn't been inspired, "not even once," and runs down her list of business ideas: from a coffee shop-cum-dating service to a gourmet food delivery service for pets, they all stink. ["And Manhattan already has both of those in spades." -- Sars] Platypus pulls a face at each one, and Sarah tells her she has to be positive. "I just paid this guy four hundred dollars!" she whines. "Then let him give you an idea," Platypus suggests and grabs her bag. Sarah asks why she's going to the theatre if they can't pay her. "Can't fault a girl for being dedicated, right?" she quips. No, but you can fault a girl for still not having a paying job. For the eight hundredth time: how the hell does she pay for stuff like rent and food?? Sarah grabs her arm and offers up one more idea: "Ooh, online greeting cards you personalize yourself and print out!" Um, Sarah, it's been done about ten times over. Wait, I've got it, why don't you start a company that shows people how to get a clue? Then you can go on television saying, "I'm not only the president of Get a Clue Anonymous, I'm also a client."

Scraggle goes to the gym and runs into Danny, who tells him they gave the London thing to someone else. Scraggle asks him if he wants his membership back, but Danny tells him he bought another one that morning. Scraggle expresses disbelief and Danny tells him he doesn't sweat the small stuff when he has the money not to. "Can I just tell you that you and I are living very different lives?" Scraggle says. Danny tells Scraggle he can change his financial outlook around, and tells him that some of his buddies are putting together an investment scheme and maybe they'll "let [Scraggle] in" as a special favor to Danny. Scraggle tells him his motto is to not invest more than he can afford to lose, "which is pretty much anything." Danny tells him he's missing out. Scraggle sticks to his guns. It all sounds a little bit dodgy, if you ask me.

At the bar, Sarah complains, "Jeez, why does everyone keep ordering Cosmopolitans?" "Sex and the City," another waitress tells her, and then says, "Listen, Sarah, do you know any other gigs like the one last night?" Sarah tells her it was a one-time thing, but the waitress tells her to keep her in mind if she hears of anything. Another waitress comes up to the bar. "Four Cosmopolitans for the college girls in the corner," she says. "God, does everybody get HBO?" Aw, quit your beefing, Hewitt. Just because people don't like your show. And then this other waitress asks for Sarah to tell her about temporary work if she knows any. Doug, the self-proclaimed computer geek, asks her to keep him in mind for any other temp work she hears about, and that next time she should get a cut. Sarah stops herself from brushing him off to ask him what he means. He explains that agents get a certain percentage, especially for booking at the last minute. Do we see a blossoming idea in Sarah's head?

At the theatre, the director announces that Theresa (the chick Platypus is understudying) has the "sniffles, so that means echinacea for everyone, all right?" Does this foreshadow Platypus's first real break? Platypus approaches the director and says, "There's something to be said for head colds." The director looks confused. "Says the understudy," Platypus supplies. The director understands and smiles at her. Platypus proceeds to ask him a question about her character's motivation in a certain scene, and the director kindly tells her that he has four phone calls to make before six o'clock. He's about to walk away, but stops to ask what she's doing there when her rehearsal doesn't start for four weeks. Platypus tells him she's just observing on her own time, unpaid. "Is that okay?" she asks. "I don't see why not," the director says. Platypus tells him she just wants to learn everything she can from the director and make the most of her character, in case she happens to go on that one time. "But you have phone calls to make so I will catch you later," she says. Mini-Tom Cruise, the assistant, who has been watching this whole exchange, approaches Platypus, telling her she was way out of line to say anything to Rick, the director. Platypus is confused. "I heard him give direction about my character I didn't understand, I was just --" "Do you think Rick's going to take the time to explain motivation to someone who's probably going to spend the whole run in the wings?" Mini-Tom Cruise asks. Platypus tells him there's no reason to get nasty since she's there on her own time and money. "No one asked you to," Mini-Tom Cruise says, "now I will be rehearsing the understudies in four weeks. If you want to stay here and observe until then, fine, but if I see you interfering in Rick's process in any way or requiring more time from him than it takes to say 'Good morning,' I will see that you are replaced." Platypus looks squished.

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Time of Your Life




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