Time of Your Life
The Time She Made A Temporary Decision

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Sarah mutters numbers to herself while Spencer pleads for money on the phone. Finally, not succeeding in his plan, Spencer hangs up, looks at Sarah and says, "Don't ask. Jerk." He asks Sarah what she's doing, and Sarah outlines her plan for a temp agency in the Village especially for writers, actors, artists, musicians, et cetera, those who are waiting to make it but who haven't yet. Spencer looks bored. "I know it's not sexy," Sarah says, "but I want to make it sexy." I don't even want to know how she plans on doing that. She goes on that she ran some numbers (and don't even get me started on that one) and figured she could make a thousand dollars in a week. Spencer is less than thrilled for her. Sarah asks him what happened to the meat of his inspirational speech. Does she want him to lie to her, he asks. "Fine, a temp agency? Ah, that's a great idea, I think it's a sure thing." Spencer smiles tightly at her and Sarah looks sad. It seems as though he's one of those selfish guys who can't be happy for the success of others if they aren't successful themselves. What a perfect mate for Sarah. At a coffee shop, Scraggle tells Sarah that he thinks her temp agency thing is a great idea. Go figure. I'll bet Sarah is going to jump back into bed with Scraggle simply on that score alone. She links arms with Scraggle and asks him what about her idea he likes. Scraggle stammers, and Sarah catches on, saying, "Because you basically put the kibosh on my singing career and so now you don't want to rain on my parade twice?" Scraggle says, "Well, there's that. No, I think this is very doable." Sarah asks what she's supposed to do, "storm a few personnel offices and demand they take us on as clients?" Scraggle tells her she has to sell herself. Since she does that every single week on this show, that shouldn't be too much of a stretch for her. Maybe she'll actually succeed this time.

Leia is cleaning her stuff out of Spencer's apartment. "I'm taking these," she says waving around a handful of silk and lace, "unless you want to keep my underwear as a souvenir. And I also want to take back all the CDs I brought over. Two Brittany Spears and the Garth Brooks Christmas Album." "Fine," Spencer says, handing them over, "I don't want to steal from you. You know, it would have been perfectly okay if you had come over and made a scene. You know, thrown a vase or two, slapped my face, called me a name, you really didn't have to go and trash my business." Leia tells him she's really crying for him, but in her book, he got exactly what he deserved. Spencer tells her that he handled it the best way he knew. "We didn't cheat on you. I haven't even slept with her!" Spencer tells her. Leia is agog and says, "You still haven't slept with her?" Spencer says, "No, why?" Leia laughs and says, "Doesn't sound that hot to me!" Spencer tells her, "You wouldn't understand, it's a very complex relationship." Leia asks, "You know what I was thinking? Wouldn't it be really funny if you had to go through all of this and she still turned out to be lousy in bed?" Spencer tells her that it's none of her business, it's not going to happen, and that it's not all about sex. Leia tells him he could've fooled her, because he never wanted to leave the bed except when they "did it in a limo." That's because you can't speak without slurring your words, honey. "Wouldn't it be funny if you traded all of that in for a cold fish with a good vocabulary?" Leia asks. Wouldn't it be funny if you stopped saying "wouldn't it be funny?" Spencer ponders.

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Time of Your Life




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