Time of Your Life
The Time She Made A Temporary Decision

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Speaking of beds, Sarah arrives home to find a horny Spencer waiting. "You're in a good mood," he comments, "you want to tell me about it?" Sarah snots that she doesn't think she does. Spencer apologizes for the other night and goes on to say that he doesn't think they should let work interfere with them. He takes her hands and kisses her. She asks him what he thinks he's doing. Spencer says that they've gone through so much to be together, he thinks they have lost sight of what it was all for. "I want to be with you," Spencer purrs. "You are with me," Sarah says, annoyed. "No, I want to be with you," Spencer says meaningfully. Sarah pushes him away and tells him that his lack of support after her complete support of him does not put her in the mood for sex. The phone rings and interrupts Spencer's sputterings. Sarah orders Spencer to answer it. Spencer answers the phone and puts his hand over the mouthpiece, saying, "It's Elaine Morgan's office." Sarah tells him to say, "I'm sorry, I'm new. Temporary Sanity, Ms. Merrin will be right with you." He does, and Sarah takes the phone from him, saying, "This may take awhile, why don't you go take a cold shower in the meantime." I would've thought her excesses of makeup under the unforgiving kitchen light would be enough of a cold shower for Spencer.

A little squirt dog is chased by a huge beefy one in a commercial. The squirt dog makes it home and dashes through the flap in the door. His owner picks him up and cradles him while the big beefy dog gets stuck in the flap and can't move backward and forward. Want to know what this is a commercial for? Tampons, and the tagline is: "You'll never feel like this wearing our slim tampons. Libra Invisible Slim Tampons for a perfect fit." Eeeew! On a totally different note: mmmm, Cadbury's, and mmmm, Robson Green.

In a stationers, Sarah is ranting to Scraggle, "She's going to take one look at me and say, 'Hey, you aren't the president of some up-and-coming New York temp agency. You're a twenty-one-year-old scam artist who had to borrow a business suit!'" Someone please get makeup in here, we need a jar of Pond's Cold Cream, stat! Oh, and while they're at it, can someone inform the hairdresser that the skinned back into a bun (which really isn't a bun, because it looks more like feathers sticking out of the back of her head) look does not, repeat does not look good on HewTitts with those weird ears of hers. Scraggle tells her to simmer down because she's managed to convince them so far. "Just check before you go in so you don't have any, you know, stains." And what is that supposed to mean? Pit stains? Or did she borrow her suit from a body at the morgue and the formaldehyde is going to leak onto her skin and kill her, like in that ghost story? Actually, Scraggle grabs at his dinners area, so I am even more confused as to (a) whose suit it is and (b) what kind of stains he's talking about, especially if she keeps her suit jacket on. Scraggle gestures at the box the counter guy put in front of them, telling her that getting personalized business cards is a good idea because it "adds just the right touch. Very professional." Sarah grabs a card out of the box and reads, "Temporary Sanity, Sarah Mellon, President." She gawks at Scraggle and screeches, "Mellon?" Anyone else rolling on the floor laughing at the dinners reference? Just me? Okay, fine, maybe I had too much of Mr. keckler's special Blue Cosmopolitan.

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Time of Your Life




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