Time of Your Life
The Time She Turned 21

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The Time She Turned 21

Sarah walks into the bar and right into a surprise party, thrown and populated by Boss Man Mike, Joss, and Platypus. Sarah is not thrilled. Boss Man tells her that he’s giving her the night off for a birthday present, but Sarah protests that she needs the hours. Joss says, "Uh-uh, today’s a special day and now that you are actually twenty-one, you can pour yourself a drink and knock it back," as she passes her a bottle of unknown contents. Sarah persists in saying that she didn’t want a party and Platypus says, "Please, Psych 101 translation: Give me party." Boss Man passes her the bottle: "So come on, pour away!" Sarah tries again to say that she doesn’t want a drink but is drowned out by all of them chanting "Sarah! Sarah!" Sarah shrieks for them to "stop it!" and says that she has no reason to celebrate her twenty-first birthday because she’s not doing anything: "Romy is acting, Leya is modeling, even Maguire and J.B. are D.J.-ing and I am schlepping beer and taking stupid jobs, which is nothing to celebrate. So you said I have the night off? Well, I am taking the night off!" Sarah flounces out of the bar. I wonder how low she made Joss feel with her disparagement of beer-schleppers.

Platypus comes up to the apartment and sneaks quietly around until Sarah says that she’s not asleep. Platypus tells her that she saved her a piece of cake and put it in the refrigerator for her. Sarah thanks her and says that sugar would be counterproductive because she just wants to get some sleep. Platypus tries gently telling her that she’s blowing the turning-twenty-one thing way out of proportion. Sarah interrupts her and tells her again she just wants to get some sleep. "Your life!" Platypus says, and the phone rings. It’s for Sarah. It’s Ashley at the police station. Flynn has been arrested. Sarah goes down to the station and asks Ashley what happened. "That’s what I’d like to know!" Spencer booms as he walks into the station. He looks at his little sister: "What did you do?" The police officer tells him that they did a sweep at The Frolic Room and found Flynn with a stolen license. Ashley starts in again with her Stuart Smalley affirmations: "I am a radiant being filled with light and love. I am a radiant being filled with light and love." Everyone looks at her. Sarah tells Ashley to sit down and she’ll handle it. Spencer tells Sarah to leave because he’ll handle it. The police officer says, "Oh, you’re Sarah Merrin?" and Sarah asks how he knew that. The police officer hands over a license and says, "Nice picture [Of course JLH just had to get that compliment in.] And since it was your license she hooked, you can tell me what happens next." Sarah asks what he means, and he explains that she can press charges if she so desires. Spencer says that they don’t want to press charges and the police officer tells him that’s not his decision, "sir." Sarah asks what will happen if she does press charges. "We’ll book her on charges of petty larceny, impersonation, fraud, the standard list, and she’ll be prosecuted in juvenile court. Depending on the judge she could walk or she could face maybe six months in a youth detention center," the police officer explains. "Sounds like it might be good for her," Sarah says. Flynn jumps up and says tearfully, "Look, I know I really screwed up but, God, please don’t do this." Sounds like she’s taking a page from the Jennifer Love Hewitt Guidebook to Acting. Sarah just looks at her.

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Time of Your Life




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