Time of Your Life
The Time She Turned 21

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The Time She Turned 21

Scraggle comes out of his music shoppe and sees Sophie waiting across the street with two cups of coffee. Of course, he thinks she’s waiting for him and tells her that in a few minutes she would have missed him. Sophie doesn’t know what to say so she says, "Coffee!" and Scraggle takes one of the cups. Sophie tells him not to drink it but he does anyway and then makes a face. "Whoa, sugar! This must be yours," he says and is about to hand her the cup when J.B. comes onto the scene saying something about swinging a quarter page ad. He stops when he sees Scraggle, who says, "I guess this is yours," hands him the cup and walks away. Nyah nyah.

Sarah’s about to get her jacket on when Spencer approaches her. "Look, I just got Ashley calmed down and I’m really tired, so --" Spencer interrupts her, "I know, I just wanted to say thank you for not pressing charges and at the same time scaring some sense into my little sister. I, um, I think you handled the whole thing very well." Sarah thanks him and Spencer adds that he had a long talk with Flynn, and they all want Sarah to stay and reconsider her resignation. Sarah tells some story about how when she was a kid, she thought of what she would be doing in the year 2000, and now she’s an adult and she hasn’t done anything, yammer, natter, yammer, everyone is doing something they really want to do, she doesn’t know what she wants to do but she knows this isn’t it, yammer, natter, natter. She walks out. Spencer looks upset. Oh, come back, Mary Poppins, we need you! Not.

Cecilia and Andy are having dinner, and Cecilia is saying, "You know, maybe it’s my voice that scares everyone. You know, like that woman who had a seizure because of Mary Hart?" Andy tells her it isn’t her voice or her appearance, it’s who she is, and maybe she’s just not cut out for pediatric orthodontics. Cecilia looks thoughtful for a minute and says, "Yeah, you’re probably right. I mean, that’s why I didn’t call you back after we met. You know, I just figured, me and an orthodontist..." she trails off. Andy tells her that he likes who she is, and that the only way the job would work would be if she changed all that, and he doesn’t want her to do that. He says he’s never met anyone like her and that he loves being around her: "I mean, you’re driving me crazy but at the same time it’s kind of exciting." Cecilia asks, "Where are you going with this?" Andy says, "Will you go out with me sometime, like on a date?" Cecilia chirps, "Sure!" Andy is a bit breathless and says, "Okay! And since I can’t date an employee, you’re fired." Cecilia tips her head and looks at him but doesn’t look at all upset.

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Time of Your Life




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