Time of Your Life
The Time She Turned 21

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The Time She Turned 21

J.B. announces, "Okay, everybody, let’s get ready to mambo!" and does a little dancy thing. He tells Scraggle to give him a bossa nova and Scraggle growls, "I didn’t sign up for this. Kid’s parties?" J.B. tells him that kid’s parties are going to be a big chunk of their business and asks again for a bossa nova. "Get your own damn bossa nova!" Scraggle snaps. J.B. says Scraggle’s gotta let it go because he didn’t do anything behind Scraggle’s back: "Sophie, she came to me. You guys only went out once!" "Twice," Scraggle corrects him, "and when we met her, I told you I was going to go for it and you said it was cool so basically you lied to me!" "You called ‘dibs’ -- ‘dibs’ like you’re some third grader, but that’s not how it works, Maguire, and I didn’t lie to you," J.B. argues. "The hell you didn’t! You’re going out with her, right?" Scraggle shouts. "Well, yeah," J.B. admits. Scraggle: "Well, how am I supposed to believe anything you said? You know what, forget this D.J. thing!" J.B.: "What, you’re quitting because of Sophie?" Scraggle: "No, I’m quitting because I don’t want to be in business with someone I can’t trust!" J.B.: "Well, I got news for you buddy -- you can’t quit, because we owe Vinnie, your boss, a couple of grand, and until we get enough gigs to pay her back, guess what? We’re stuck!" Vinnie’s a she? The two of them turn to see a roomful of little kids staring at them. They hurriedly pull themselves together, put their headphones back on and J.B. says, "Okay, everybody, shake your hips, and let’s get ready to bossa nova!" Both J.B. and Scraggle start dancing.

Sarah walks into Flynn’s apartment and calls out, "Flynn? Ashley? Hello? I’m here, what’s the big emergency?" And "SURPRISE!" the predictable happens, Spencer, Ashley, Flynn, and Leya appear with a surprise birthday for Sarah. "Happy Birthday! Belated!" Flynn says. Sarah tells them they didn’t have to do this for her, and Spencer says he was coerced and is reprimanded by Leya, "Spencer!" "And this time, I didn’t eat the cake," Ashley announces. Spencer hands Sarah a bottle of champagne: "You work in a bar, you open it. Don’t spill any, would ya? I actually sprang for the good stuff." Sarah smirks and says, "I’m moved." Sarah pops the cork and Flynn asks if she can have a glass. "Uh, no," Spencer says, "there’s sparkling cider for you and Ashley." Leya goes to get it and Spencer hands Sarah a present. "It’s nothin’, believe me. It’s just bad form to show up at a birthday party empty-handed." Sarah unwraps a copy of Leaves of Grass. Just kidding, but even worse, it’s Robert Frost. I’ll lay ten-to-one odds which poem is going to be read aloud, or dedicated to Sarah, or will be the defining poem for Sarah’s life. "Was that what I grabbed? You know, I just yanked it off the shelf before I got dragged over here," Spencer says, still acting blasé. "What’s the bookmark?" Sarah asks, opens the book, and reads it. She looks up at Spencer, her heart in her eyes. Spencer just looks back at her. Leya tells Spencer to turn out the lights. Spencer turns out the lights and Sarah looks around her as though she doesn’t understand what’s going on. Hasn’t anyone ever told her that false modesty is very, very unbecoming? Ashley et. al. bring out the flaming cake and sing "Happy Birthday." Sarah looks around fondly at the happy family she created, closes her eyes, puckers her pouty lips, and blows out the candles. I know what I wished for. Going home on the subway, Sarah reads "The Road Not Taken" in a voice-over -- so my wish didn’t come true.

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Time of Your Life




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