Time of Your Life
The Time She Turned 21

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The Time She Turned 21

Scraggle and J.B. are setting up at the sweet sixteen party. J.B. is testing the mic and says, "Okay, everybody get ready to shake your booty!" Scraggle tells him not to say that. ["I second that motion." -- Sars] J.B. screws something up and gets loud feedback from the system. Scraggle darts over to help him. The feedback continues and some suited-up chick walks over, saying, "Hey, hey! I’m going deaf here!" J.B. tells her they were just testing the equipment. "Yeah, well, it didn’t pass," The Chick says. The two guys stand up, transfixed by this vision of loveliness, and introduce themselves. The Chick introduces herself as "Sophie" and says, "And I’m guessing you guys are new at this." Simultaneously, J.B. says they are "old pros" and Scraggle says it’s their "first gig." They look at each other. J.B. asks if she works for the hotel, and she tells them that she’s an event coordinator with the caterer. J.B. says that they’ll make sure she gets one of their cards. "We don’t have a card," Scraggle says. "When we do," J.B. says. Sophie tells them that first they’d better "spin some music, because in about five seconds, two hundred teenagers are going to come pouring through those doors ready to disco." J.B. tells her he’s all over it. Yeah, more like he’s all over her. Both guys watch Sophie’s butt as she walks away. They crouch back down to play with the equipment and one of them sets off the loud feedback again.

Sarah is on the subway with Flynn, who is gabbing on her cell phone, "I mean was she trying to look like a cow or -- hello? Hello?" "They don’t work down here," Sarah tells her, "you might actually have to talk to me." Flynn tells her she doesn’t talk to baby-sitters. Sarah retorts, "It’s my job, okay? And if you hadn’t been skipping school --" "I’m back in school, okay? And I’ve pretty much been taking care of myself for at least five years so here’s an idea: take the money and run ‘cause nobody needs you!" Sarah closes her mouth. I’m going to like Flynn. A lot.

At a fancy restaurant, Ortho Man is saying to Cecilia, "You gotta promise me you’ll use a bottle opener from now on." "It was some foreign brand I’ve never even heard of. How was I supposed to know it had a twist-off cap? Anyway, I wish I could pay you for my tooth," Cecilia says. "Oh, just letting me buy you dinner is enough," Ortho Man says shyly, "So, how’s anthropology -- right?" Cecilia tells him she had to drop out because she got pneumonia and now has to pay her whole deductible, "to the tune of five grand." Ortho Man is sympathetic, and Cecilia, who’s been putting away food as though it’s her last meal, asks if they can order dessert. Ortho Man stammers that it’s no problem: "Look, Cecilia, this might be crazy but, well, my receptionist, Macy, she’s been bugging me about doing this job-share thing because she wants to go back to school --" Cecilia interrupts him, "What are the hours?" Ortho Man tells her whatever she wants. "I’m there," she says and grins.

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Time of Your Life




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