Time of Your Life
The Time She Turned 21

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The Time She Turned 21

J.B. and Scraggle are cleaning up after their gig, and Scraggle is complaining, "We should have told them three hours minimum. Now, we are only going to clear $175 apiece." "So, we book more gigs and we make it up," J.B. says. Scraggle mutters something about having to rent the equipment and the van. Ignoring him, J.B. shouts, "Hey!" at Sophie who shouts "hey" back and walks over to them. Scraggle shoves some heavy equipment off into J.B. arms and gets to Sophie before he can. Sophie tells Scraggle that she admits she was worried about them at first, "but you guys actually made disco kinda cool!" "That’s our secret," Scraggle says and asks what kind of music she likes. Sophie tells him her tastes are eclectic. "So’s our library," Scraggle tells her. J.B. glares at them while they talk about doing more gigs for her. "You got any ideas, I’d love to hear them. How about lunch?" Scraggle asks. Sophie tells him to get one of her cards from the bar and call her. She walks away. Bamp-chicka-wonk-wonk (tm Wigbee) starts up as Scraggle walks back to J.B., who says, "Explain." Scraggle looks innocent, "I just asked her out, so, dibs." "‘Dibs’?" J.B. and I say to ourselves at the exact same time. Hey, Scraggle Rock, what grade are you in?

Sarah is at Flynn’s apartment and the doorbell rings. Boom-ba-ba-boom, dinners jouncing, Sarah walks to the door and opens it on what can only be Spencer’s supermodel girlfriend. Leya tells her that she’s supposed to meet Spencer there. Sarah tells her that he’s not there yet, "but I’m Sarah." "Leya Cantrell," the model says. "I know," Sarah mutters to herself. Who introduces themselves by first and last name unless they expect the other person have immediate name recognition? Sarah introduced herself by her first name, which I would think would prompt the model to just say her first name as well. Oh -- phooey. Sarah tells Leya that it’s nice to meet her and Leya says, "We’re taking Flynn to see Swing at the St. James. ["Swing? They couldn’t get permission to say ‘Stomp’?" -- Sars] A lot of my friends from my dancing days are in it." "Oh, you were a dancer?" Sarah asks. "Mm-hmm, before I made the transaction to modeling," Leya tells her. "Transaction?" Didn’t Spencer say Leya was "well-read" and "articulate?" Sarah asks her if it was a difficult "‘transaction.’" Leya says, "Not really. Versace saw my pictures and next thing I knew I was doing runway in Milan, and then all of a sudden I was modeling full-time, and now my agent is behooving me to try acting, if you can believe that. I’m sorry, I’m doing that talking-about-myself thing again." Sarah is a bit stunned. So am I, because I’m trying to figure out what word Leya meant when she used "behooving" in that sentence. "So you’ve been working for a long time," Sarah states. Leya nods, "Since I was seventeen." "And that’s like what? Eight years?" Sarah asks in a mildly insulting way. Leya thinks hard, "Four. Why, do I look old?" "No, it’s just -- wait a minute, you’ve done all of these amazing things and we’re the same age?" Sarah asks, incredulous. "I don’t know, how old are you?" Leya asks. "Twenty-one," Sarah tells her. Leya gets excited, "Then yeah! Small world, huh?" Huh? Leya asks Sarah what she does. Sarah stutters, "Oh, I’m the, you know, au pair." Calling it something in French isn’t going to change the fact that you’re a baby-sitter, kiddo. Leya says very sincerely, "That must be exciting!" Sarah’s not enthused: "Yeah." Spencer walks in and sees the two of them together. He actually looks uneasy. Leya runs over to him screeching, "Hey you!" Spencer kisses her and says, "God, I missed you. Okay, well, I see you’ve met the baby-sitter, let’s get Flynn and let’s get going. Oh, that’ll be all, Sarah," and he dismisses Sarah. Sarah returns his smirk and stalks away.

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Time of Your Life




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