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The Time She Turned 21

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The Time She Turned 21

Boss Man Mike at the bar is telling Sarah that he’s happy she’s turning twenty-one, because now she can tend bar (which you only have to be eighteen to do, by the way), open, close, et cetera. "Yeah, my whole life’s gonna change," Sarah says. Platypus asks what kind of party they should have: "Huge bash here, intimate soirée in the apartment, night out dancing --" Boss Man regales the group with tales of breaking his nose on the toilet seat after his twenty-first. Sarah says she doesn’t want a party. "Sarah," Joss whines, "Everybody wants a party." "Well, not this everybody," Sarah says. "I mean, when you think about it, what is twenty-one anyway? Just some random number. [Yeah, I guess it’s not a big deal when you can buy champagne at the corner store.] So you know, let’s not make a big deal. Let’s not have a party. Just kind of seems like too much."

Ortho Man is telling Cecilia -- who has her hair done up in multiple mini-pigtails all over her head -- where she will be sitting and answering phones and all the other job stuff. Cecilia is down with all of it. Ortho Man kind of dithers around Cecilia for a bit before finally saying, "Can I just say it’s kind of nice having you here," before running into the back. Cecilia grins and shakes her head.

Sarah calls out for Flynn, picks up the teeny-bopper’s stuff, knocks the teeny-bopper’s stuff to the ground, and finds (surprise, surprise) a fake ID. Sarah attempts to give Flynn the third degree about it but hits a brick wall. "You were going through my bag?" Flynn shrieks. "Fre-eak!" Flynn then tells Sarah that she will call her dad and get Sarah fired. "Not when I tell him you have a fake ID," Sarah retorts and then asks her what she’s doing with it. Duuuuh. "Gee, how hard is that to figure out?" Flynn asks sarcastically. "I can pass for twenty-one, which means I can go wherever I want and I don’t have to take crap from anybody." "But you’re not twenty-one --" Sarah tries once more to parent Flynn, who storms out. I really like Flynn.

Scraggle is on his "date" with Sophie and is explaining that his last name is "Maguire" and that no one calls him by his first name. He asks if Sophie is a family name. "No, my dads are just huge Bette Midler fans and she did the whole Sophie Tucker thing, so --" "‘Dads?’" Scraggle asks. "Alternative family. But you wanted to talk about the DJ business and we’ve been yammering about everything but!" Sophie says by way of changing the subject. Scraggle tells her he likes "yammering" and that he thinks the whole DJ business is "kind of a drag." Sophie insists that he and J.B. are good and that they should borrow money and buy their own gear, and maybe she could hook them up with business around town with her connections. "You’d do that?" Scraggle asks. "Why not? I mean, you guys obviously know a lot about music, so -- you might even make me look good," Sophie replies. "You already got that covered," from Scraggle. Scraggle trying to flirt? Bleh.

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Time of Your Life




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