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The Time She Turned 21

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The Time She Turned 21

Sarah is looking for Ashley to talk to her about Flynn’s fake ID. Fifty bucks says Ashley can’t handle this situation. Ashley comes into the room and flings her hands open wide: "Tomorrow’s your birthday!" Sarah asks how she knew, and Ashley says that she saw it on the job application. "I wanted to surprise you with a cake, but" -- Ashley starts to sob -- "I ate it." Sarah starts to ask why she would eat a whole cake, and Ashley says, in that high-pitched voice that only happens to people when they cry, "Because I thought it would make me feel good." Sarah looks at the fake ID in her hand and puts it back in her pocket without saying anything. Ashley tells her that she had another ultrasound, "And the only person I had to share it with was a technician named Dung Chow. And I was looking at the baby up on the screen and it just hit me -- if I can’t be a decent mom to Flynn then how am I ever going to take care of a [high-pitched voice again] baby?" Sarah starts to say that she will have Mr. Halloway, but Ashley pooh-poohs that by saying, "Oh, God, I can’t count on him! He said that we would do this together only he’s off in Paris doing whatever the hell it is that he does and we’re supposed to start Lamaze classes only he’s never around and -- God am I on a sugar high!" Sarah suggests that one of Ashley’s friends could help her, but apparently Ashley doesn’t have any friends "in this stupid city." So she asks Sarah to be her Lamaze partner and tells her that she will "just die" if she doesn’t say yes. Just to keep you all from being in suspense, I will cut out the remaining hysterics and relieve you: Sarah the Savior does say yes.

A harried Cecilia is trying to hold down a waiting room full of hyperactive children (all who look too young to be getting braces) and demanding parents. The phone is ringing off the hook, so Cecilia grabs it and says, "Yo, Andy Bing’s office! Can you just hold, or something?" A little girl comes up to the desk and asks a question while doing a great lisping Cindy Brady imitation. Cecilia just looks at her and says, "What?" The little girl starts to cry and runs back to her mother. At this moment, Andy comes out looking for a file because she gave him the wrong one. "Oh, my bad! It’s friggin’ Romper Room out here!" she says. Andy looks around his waiting room, which is packed to the brim with annoyed parents and crying children, and looks concerned. Another lisping girl comes up: "Hello?" Cecilia looks and her and says, "What? God, what?" The little girl runs away crying. Andy quickly slides the frosted glass window closed, and Cecilia asks him if it is always so crazy. "Actually, no, not even a little. I think -- I mean, we’re usually pretty conservative around here and don’t get me wrong, I love your hair and the way you dress, I do -- God knows I do -- it’s just, maybe, well, for the kids --" Andy trails off and Cecilia asks if he’s asking her to dress down. "Well, it really might help," Andy says, embarrassed. Cecilia slides open the glass window and shouts, "Next!" to the room of sobbing children. Look, I know what the show is trying to do to Cecilia’s character, and I really must take exception to it. She hasn’t lived twenty-five-odd years without learning how to comport herself in an office situation. That’s just not plausible. What isplausible is JLH’s attempt to make Cecilia seem clueless and unlikable, and if she’s trying to take some of that cluelessness and unlikableness away from her own character by doing so, she’s going to have to try much, much harder.

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Time of Your Life




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