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The Time She Turned 21

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The Time She Turned 21

Sarah’s playing mother again by trying to tell Flynn to do her homework. Flynn doesn’t respond and just keeps reading her magazine and watching some teeny boy-band video. Sarah starts to tell her that she’s not allowed to watch TV until she’s finished her homework, but Flynn just turns up the volume. Sarah flicks off the TV, and when Flynn protests, Sarah starts to lecture her about how taking care of Flynn is her job, and that Flynn needs someone to take care of her because she is "really angry and kinda out of control here." She goes on to say that she didn’t tell Ashley about the fake ID, but that she plans on telling Flynn’s father when he gets back, and in the meantime, Flynn has got to do what she’s told. And then this stupid show finally gets good. Flynn tells Sarah she’s not about to take orders from someone like her. Sarah says stupidly, "Someone like me?" Flynn lets her have it: "Look at you, you’re a college drop-out who’s waiting tables at a bar and working as a baby-sitter. What do you have going for you? Hel-lo, nothing. I mean, I can understand dropping out to backpack all over the world, but to do this? So don’t boss me around, okay? Because obviously you are nowhere near to having your stuff together, so why should I listen to you? My plan is not to grow up to be a loser." Ah, sweet justice at last.

Sarah wakes up to Platypus making scrambled Fam for her birthday breakfast. Smelly. Sarah grumbles that she’s not celebrating, and Platypus responds, "What’s celebrating, it’s breakfast! Besides, I’m shooting today so I have to get into a Fam state of mind. Oh, and I picked up the new Jody magazine for you so you can read your birthday horoscope." "‘Leya Cantrell the "IT" Girl for the Millennium’? Give me a break!" Sarah has just read the cover of the magazine in disbelief. Wow, they are really on tonight! Hitting all the points about Sarah/Jennifer Love Hewitt that make us hate her. I doubt she even gets the irony. Platypus reads Sarah’s horoscope to her: "‘Maintain current high profile and the rewards will become self-evident. People who share your birthday are Benjamin Franklin and Vidal Sassoon.’" Sarah flips out about the fact that Franklin was more successful in life than she is and tells Platypus she has to do something about her life. So she quits her nanny job. Ashley breaks down, predictably, and Sarah attempts to placate her and explain her motives: "I just can’t keep taking jobs, you know, to make extra cash. I gotta do something that puts me on any kind of path." And that path would be? Sarah goes on to say that she doesn’t know what she’s doing with her life and that she feels horrible for doing this to Ashley when she’s so pregnant. Nevertheless, she does it. She tells Ashley there’s leftover Thai food in the kitchen, and Ashley sobs off. Spencer walks in calling for Flynn and sees Sarah: "Oh, my God, don’t you ever get a day off?" Sarah tells him she does now, because she just quit: "Happy?" Spencer winces and Sarah asks him what’s wrong. Spencer says he’s touched by her concern, but he threw his back out getting into a fight with Leya. "Fighting with Leya?" Sarah asks. "No, Einstein, making up afterwards. There’s something very erotic about a beautiful woman arguing campaign finance. I had no idea she was so up on current affairs," Spencer finishes as he looks off in the distance. Sarah looks very perturbed, as though she can’t believe Leya took her advice, was good at arguing, and got to have sex with Spencer to boot. As Sarah stands there with her mouth hanging open, Spencer shouts for Flynn again. I think Time of Your Life needs a laugh track.

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