Time of Your Life
The Time They All Came Over For Thanksgiving

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The Time They All Came Over For Thanksgiving

Sarah and the rest of the viewing world become aware of an off-key talent (much like Jennifer Love Hewitt herself) on the bar's infamous karaoke stage. It's Spencer, singing "Let Me Entertain You" while doing a strip-tease. Sarah, enraged, charges up to the stage and insists loudly that he get down, leaving no doubt in the minds of the bar patrons exactly for whom he is performing. Maybe if Sarah had left the bar, gone about her business, or simply ignored him, no one would have known he was trying to embarrass Sarah in particular. But then they wouldn't know how in love every male off the street is with her, right? Right. Spencer ignores her "I'm serious" and "are you insane" protestations and strips right down to his boxers, to the delighted cheers of the crowd. Spencer says, "Okay, now I have thoroughly humiliated myself, so now we are even. You wanna go out sometime?" Sarah looks like she is about to cry as she stares at him from behind her stringy bangs, until a construction guy from the audience comes up, tucks some money in Spencer's boxers and winks at him. This makes Sarah laugh. Because men liking men who strip = funny.

Dumb new Old Navy commercial. Can't tell much difference between it and a dumb old Old Navy commercial.

Sarah is giggling and sighing to herself in the New York night. She crosses the street to giggle-greet her homeless Music Man. This time he offers her a stone that he found in Central Park on the edge of a pond. He holds the stone up to his ear and says, "You can hear the ducks and the children," and gives it to Sarah, who holds it up to her ear. He also gives her a ribbon he found on the steps of St. Matthew's Church and drapes it over her hair, telling her she can hear the organ "in stereo." The Homeless Music Man wraps the gifts up in paper, telling her, "This is all I have, 'cause everything else I have smells." Sarah takes the gifts, thanks him, and tells him her name is Sarah. The Homeless Music Man tells her his name is Jerry. Sarah shakes his hand and tells him, "It's a pleasure." ["Elsewhere in New York, another Sarah rolls her eyes so hard at this irretrievably ridiculous portrayal of the Manhattan homeless that she pulls a muscle." -- Sars]

And so Sarah, the most sought-after girl in New York, arrives home cradling her new gifts to her face and finds Maguire and his bags waiting on her doorstep. Maguire explains that the heat is off in his apartment for the next thirty-six hours, and he was wondering if he could stay with her. Sarah asks him if there isn't someone else with whom he would rather stay, which I think is a rude question, because he wouldn't be crouched on her doorstep if there were others he preferred. Maybe his family and friends don't want him, or maybe he doesn't have family or friends and her just bringing it up is rubbing salt in the wound. There's a back-and-forth of "if it's too much trouble" and "no, it's really no trouble" for a bit before Sarah drags Scraggle in by his ear and throws him on the couch. (Apparently, Romy is out of town.) Scraggle tells Sarah she won't even know he's there. This seems to disconcert Sarah as she closes the door.

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Time of Your Life




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