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The Time They Cheated

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Sarah's at the bar and the joint is jumpin', but somehow she manages to find time to read. Scraggle approaches her. "Hi," he says. "Unless your lead-in is 'I'm sorry,' I don't wanna talk to you," Sarah snips at him. Scraggle apologizes and tells her she was right about everything she said. "That's all you have to say?" Sarah asks, rolling her eyes at him. What does she want exactly? For him to castrate himself and live out his days as a eunuch because he got jealous after she hopped directly from his bed to Spencer's? Sarah puts down her paper and pretends to be busy. Scraggle looks at the paper: "Auditions?" "Well, Youthful Offenders isn't the only band in the world. I shouldn't let some guy named Spud stop me, I mean he obviously doesn't know what he was talking about, right?" Sarah says. Amazingly, Scraggle doesn't resort to his usual bootlicking, and drinks deeply from his glass without answering. Sarah pauses as she puts glasses away and repeats, "Right?" Scraggle still doesn't say anything. Sarah turns around and says, "Well, that's a conspicuous silence, Maguire, what? What are you thinking?" "Do you know what the odds of you making it are?" Scraggle asks her. Sarah tells him she's not stupid (oh, I beg to differ, Miss Tote-A-Lot), she knows it's not going to be easy. "Why?" she asks, "Don't you think I'm talented?" Scraggle disappoints us by saying that he thinks she's talented with a great voice, but that "it's just that there's a million people trying to break into the music business and out of all of them, one of them making it is --" "People do," Sarah interrupts impatiently. Scraggle tells her that they have to have something that sets them apart and makes them unique. Sarah tells him he's just being mean again. But Scraggle says that she may be able to hook up with a band and hang with them for four or five years waiting for her big break, but she'll still have to work at the bar, because music isn't enough. "And then four years will turn into five or six, and then you may be able to get a backup job or a job singing in a club, is that what you want?" Scraggle asks her. Sarah snipes that he could've told her all of this before. Scraggle responds that he didn't want to hurt her, because it's easier to be honest with someone you're not involved with. Uh, okay, buddy. Sarah rolls her eyes at him.

Platypus marches out of a subway and runs into J.B. She tells him that she got into the audition, and that she thought it went okay, but she doesn't want to jinx it by talking about it. J.B. tells her she needs a break and that he bought a couple of steaks, but Romy tells him she's a busy little bee -- she's got to submit herself for a new batch of stuff. "Do it tomorrow," J.B. tells her. Platypus says she's working. "Tomorrow night," J.B. says. "Scene study," Platypus chimes. J.B. tells her that she accomplished what she needed and that she should take a break. "I know, but if I don't get it, I've gotta have a backup," Platypus tells him. "Breakfast?" J.B. offers, "You gotta eat breakfast." Platypus sighs and submits. She kisses him on the cheek and walks away. J.B. smiles.

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Time of Your Life




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