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The Time They Decided To Date

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The Time They Decided To Date

Joss shows up at the end of TD&H's basketball game. TD&H tells her that Alleya is wondering if Joss wants to have Sunday pizza again: "All the way to school, it was all she was talking about." Joss doesn't say anything at first and then says, "It's complicated with kids, isn't it?" TD&H says, "You are having a problem." Joss tells him she likes her life and that what she's missing out on is being in love, "not just having some guy in my life, but being in love. Like high school: I can't-sleep-I don't-wanna-eat-I don't-wanna-think-about-anything-else in love." TD&H says, "And you don't feel that with me?" Joss tells him it takes two people, that she needs someone to feel that way about her too -- someone who needs her desperately. TD&H says he could need her. Joss tells him she doesn't think so: "Cyril [yes, that's the first time they have told us his name], you're wonderful, you really are and you like me, maybe even very, very much, but you don't need me. I'll never be the one person in your life, I'll never be the first. And that's okay, you're lucky." At this point, Alleya calls out to Cyril and he looks away. Joss says, "See, you're already in love," and smiles sadly.

Sarah's at the bar trying to change her shift, again. Some other manager says, "Sarah, yesterday you told Mike you wanted the day shift. Today you're telling me you don't. What are the chances tomorrow you're gonna change your mind again?" Ethan the Stalker comes up to her and says, "Sarah, that's a new sweater, isn't it? It's a really, really good color for you." Sarah says, "Tom, I can say with absolute certainly I'll never want the day shift back." Joss and Platypus are commiserating in another part of the bar (if this is the day shift, shouldn't Joss be working? She made such a big deal in the beginning about having her nights free). Joss tells Platypus, "At least things didn't get too carried away before you found out." Platypus agrees and says she's going to swear off men for awhile. Yeah, I'll buy that and the bridge you're selling too. Joss says she's going to stop "actively looking" for men and that they can find her: "He's got to need me." Sarah comes bouncing breathlessly up to their reject corner and asks what she missed. Platypus tells her that Joss wants a man who likes her more than Joss likes him. Sarah gets impatient: "God, did my cavalcade [whoa, big word for Sarah] of obsessives teach you nothing? Do you know the kind of man most likely to sweep me off my feet at this very moment? [You know, I really don't but I bet you're going to tell us anyway.] One who won't give me the time of day." Platypus makes a sarcastic comment about their little pact not working out. They all agree that concentrating on themselves is the best thing now. Joss tells Sarah that one of the bouncers knows of some rich chick on the Upper East Side who needs an au pair and asks if Sarah is interested. "Is the kid boy or girl?" Sarah demands. Platypus asks her why it matters. "Hel-lo, I don't want a marriage proposal from some kid who wears jammies with feet." Well, don't we think we have an irresistible magnetism. And by the way, I think I already mentioned last episode how I felt about people who said "hel-lo" in that tone of voice. Platypus isn't the only one who needs a right hook to the face in this ep.

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Time of Your Life




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