Time of Your Life
The Time They Decided To Date

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The Time They Decided To Date

Platypus is back at Arnetta the Agent's office. Apparently, Arnetta wants Platypus back as a client because someone has contacted her agency to book Platypus for a commercial. Enter anvil, stage left. Platypus is amazed: "What? That's not possible. I haven't auditioned for anything!" Arnetta tells her that the casting director met her somewhere and said she was absolutely perfect. Arnetta can't remember the casting director's name and looks for it on her desk. Platypus looks scared: "Nancy?" Arnetta says no and then finds the piece of paper. "Nancy," she says, "And it's a national commercial. Do you know what that means?" "Commission?" Platypus asks. Arnetta tells her that it means it could be the beginning for her and that she's thrilled that her agency believed in her from the start. Platypus starts to say something about thinking Arnetta threw her out as a client, but Arnetta interrupts her and tells her to sign the contract. Platypus does so.

Sarah is at her au pair interview, where a very pregnant young blonde is explaining the job to her. Hmm, why does the very pregnant young blonde look so familiar? Enter anvil number two, stage right. Apparently the job is to look after her step-daughter, Flynn. "She's fifteen and everything horrible that that implies. You have to take her to school in the morning, make sure she comes home and does her homework -- good luck with that, heh heh heh," the pregnant blonde laughs. Oh, that's all the world needs: a fifteen-year-old Sarah-prodigy who worships her. Sarah is giving her a strange look and asks if they have met before. The pregnant blonde says she doesn't think so but that at this point in her pregnancy, she can barely remember her own name. Sarah insists she's seen her before, and suddenly a male voice shouts out, "Hello? Anybody home? Flynn, are you --" and Spencer walks into the room. Pregnant Blonde introduces her Spencer to Sarah. Sarah and Spencer say, "We've met," at the same time. Spencer rudely asks what Sarah is doing there. "I am interviewing for the au pair position. For your step-sister, is it?" Sarah returns just as rudely. "Half-sister," Spencer corrects her. Pregnant Blonde tells her in bitter tones, "Spencer's dad's second marriage. I get confused myself." Spencer says, "You've gotta be kidding me." Sarah says, "Look, I know we have some issues --" Pregnant Blonde interrupts, "You two have issues?" "No," Spencer barks, "we don't have anything. You are completely off my radar [ooh, hitting her where it hurts: the radar screen]." "Oh?" Sarah says, insulted. Spencer says he finally figured out what his attraction was to her -- it was all about the chase. "The chase?" Sarah repeats, even more insulted, now that it's dawning on her that Spencer hasn't been pining for her all these weeks. "Yeah. You blew me off, and I, like an idiot, kept coming back for more. Well, I finally wised up. I stopped wanting what I wasn't going to get and started realizing that this girl is a major problem," Spencer says. I love it! I love it! Too bad Sarah looks turned on by all of this. Pregnant Blonde says worriedly, "But not in a professional way, right?" Spencer goes on, ignoring PB in the corner, "I don't like you, Sarah, in fact, I actively dislike you and if I never see you again in my life, it will be way, way too soon." Sarah says, "Well, let me say that is a refreshing point of view," and sits down on the couch. Yeah, it's so horribly tiring when you make writers give you plots that have man after man in love with you, isn't it, Jennifer? Sarah turns to Pregnant Blonde and says, "Now, let's talk salary, shall we?"

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Time of Your Life




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