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The Time They Decided To Date

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The Time They Decided To Date

Platypus is scouring the paper for her review, and Sarah is complaining about psycho guys. "I just really wanted to meet a guy who would like me. Just like me and maybe even grow in time to like me a lot. No worship, no obsession, just moderate interest. A shared hobby maybe." As usual, Platypus and Sarah are having two different conversations. Platypus announces, "Here it is! Oliver's review." Boss-Man Mike comes over and asks Sarah if she's sure she doesn't care what shifts he gives her. Sarah gives him a longer-than-necessary answer about no more lonely-hearts stuff, concentrating on work means more money in the bank and so forth. "I don't need to hear your motivation, I just need to do the schedule here," Boss-Man Mike tells her. Score one for the Boss-Man. Platypus reads the review aloud, "'The only way to survive this evening in the theater is to go with a charming companion.' He's talking about me!" No, he wasn't; he said "charming companion." Weren't you listening, Platypus? Sarah gives Platypus a half-smile, and Boss-Man Mike tells Sarah her bulked up schedule. Platypus tells Sarah she knows about a book signing for a book about the biggest Broadway flops, and her plan is to buy a book, get it signed, write her own note, and give it to Sling Fling, a.k.a. Oliver. "And it would be the perfect memento of our first date," Platypus burbles. Sarah can't deal with anyone else being lucky in love if she's not, and is about to tell Platypus this when Boss-Man Mike comes over and tells her to clean up a table. Platypus asks if Sarah thinks it's too much, and Sarah tells her not to take it the wrong way, but she has no opinion on it. "You're jealous 'cuz I won the contest, 'cuz I got kissed," Platypus states. "Bingo," Sarah snaps.

Joss, TD&H, and Daughter Of TD&H are in Scraggle's music store. Scraggle is suggesting Pachelbel's Canon to TD&H's daughter, who asks how it goes. Joss makes a blighted attempt at humming it. The daughter, who is wearing a veil, says, "Naw, it's gotta have lyrics. My best friend Joelle, she's gonna be my maid of honor and she's gonna sing. And her mom's gonna make brownies and do our makeup." Scraggle takes the daughter over to the R&B section to pick something out. Joss tells TD&H that she's never helped an eight-year-old pick out her wedding processional music. TD&H tells Joss that his daughter likes her, but that Joss's hair alone made it a foregone conclusion. Joss suggests going to St. Patrick's to catch some bouquets. TD&H tells her that he and Alleya (his daughter) have a Sunday night tradition of having pizza for dinner; they make it themselves and make a mess. Joss suggests making the mess at her place: "That way, the ritual remains intact, but there's a slight change of scenery." Alleya and Scraggle come over and Joss asks them what they found. Alleya looks up at Scraggle and says, "Do you want to tell them or should I?" Scraggle flops down next to Alleya and they both put out their hands. "We're engaged," Scraggle announces. Okay, so that was kind of cute.

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Time of Your Life




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