Time of Your Life
The Time They Got E-Rotic

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The time they had cybersex

J.B. is back to cleansing greasy follicles while a woman sighs orgasmically, "I am so glad you are back, J.B.! I nearly cried when they told me you'd left." "Nope," J.B. says sullenly, "Still here. Let me know if the water's too hot."

Mollie auditions for Platypus' old acting teacher, El Mayoro Serpento, who is impressed and accepts her into the class. Meanwhile, in another acting class, Platypus auditions using the same comedic performance that won her commendation from her last teacher. They accept her into the class. Onward and upward!

At the airport, Spencer is saying to Leya, "So I was thinking, why don't I tell my office to go to hell, I'll shut off my cell phone and you and I spend the weekend in Easthampton! I mean, unless you have something to take care of in the city, I mean, whatever works for you!" Leya is so very confused. "Won't it be freezing out there, though?" she asks. Spencer raises her hand to his lips, "Well, I don't see any reason to leave the house." Sarah looks on enviously. Man, she needs to stop pressing her nose against the glass of other people's bun shops and get a life of her own! Spencer notices her and reluctantly asks if she needs a ride back to the city. "We'll be happy to drop you somewhere," Leya adds enthusiastically. Sarah tells them she'll be fine finding her own way home. She hardly has these words out of her mouth when Spencer says, "Great! Sorry for the misunderstanding and we'll see you back in the city!" He goes to put Leya's bags in the trunk, and Leya turns to Sarah, saying, "Thanks, Sarah, I owe you one." "Welcome home," Sarah tells her. Leya gets into the car, and Spencer follows saying, "Can I be honest with you? I didn't even know you knew how to type!" There's a loud snap and Spencer's head flies out of the window. Well, at least that's what would have happened if he had "been honest with" me. Sad music plays as the limo pulls away, and we are supposed to feel sorry for lonely little Sarah. I said "supposed to."

Next week's scenes show that someone dies on Time of Your Life. Predictions and confirmations on the boards already show that I was right in thinking who it was.

Well, kids, that's my beef this week. Tune in next week when I get to cover a homicide and Sarah's dinners at the same time. Don't you envy me my life?

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