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The Time They Got E-Rotic

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The time they had cybersex

Bawling, yes she's bawling, 'cuz her show's crawling right off the air . . .

Good Lord, there's a Platypus on the stage! Romy the Duck-Billed Platypus gives a comedic performance to her drama class. Her drama teacher stands up and judges Platypus' performance. Suddenly, he begins his Ascension into the serpent beast. I guess the mayor of Sunnydale found another Hellmouth in which he can feed. Platypus is commended. Platypus glows.

A pinched voice is talking to Sarah in the impossibly-nice-for-New York apartment, saying how great Platypus is doing in New York. The pinched voice picks up a photo from the mantelpiece and admires it. "Guys and Dolls! Freshman year. They still talk about my Adelaide's Lament," the pinched voice tells Sarah. "That's funny, I always thought that was Romy," Sarah says, "but I never looked that close." Yeah, tell us something we don't know, Sarah "Self-Absorbed" Merrin. Pinched Voice points out Platypus's face in the picture, making sure that Sarah knows Platypus was in the back row of the chorus, and laughs in a "pat the little girl on the head" kind of way. Pinched Voice goes on about how "wild" it is that Platypus was the one to come out to New York and make a go of acting: "She's doing really well," Pinched Voice states, but there seems to be a question in her tone. Sarah confirms her roommate's success: "Yeah, she just did her second commercial." And that would be the Fam-tastic one? Platypus walks in and exclaims, "Mollie!" Shrieking all around. Mollie got in earlier than expected and found her way to their place, no problem. Platypus asks Mollie what she wants to do, and Mollie says she'll do whatever but she doesn't want to pinch Platypus's style. She just wants to see how great Platypus's life is. "Then your timing couldn't have been more perfect!" Platypus announces.

Maguire "Scraggle Rock" must not have paid his electricity bill again, because we can hardly see that it's J.B. who just walked into his music shoppe. J.B. shows Scraggle a colorful poster advertising their DJ-ing business. Scraggle is annoyed: "How much did this cost?" J.B. tells him two hundred dollars, and Scraggle flips out. J.B. tries to calm him down, telling him they can use them as flyers and that Sophie will hand them out to her clients. "So this is Sophie's idea, and you do anything Sophie says," Scraggle says bitterly. There's an argument about whether Scraggle's mad because Sophie chose J.B. over Scraggle, or because he's in debt and can't waste money on posters. J.B. tells him, "You have to spend money to make money," and that they've got two more gigs lined up. Scraggle tells him that as soon as he makes enough money to pay Vinnie back, he's done with the whole thing.

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Time of Your Life




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