Time of Your Life
The Time They Got E-Rotic

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The time they had cybersex

Sarah sends Spencer her blistering email, and about two seconds later gets an Instant Message from Spencer, thinking that she's Leya and asking if she's in town or not. First of all, whose laptop is Sarah using that has "Spencer_4Hire" on her buddy list? Secondly, what screen name is she using? Did she have to set up an account for Leya, or did Leya have one and just didn't know how to use it? Too. Many. Questions. Must. Kill. This. Show. Sarah freaks out that Spencer is online and IMs back that she's on a plane. Spencer snorts and asks if she can explain how that works, because she doesn't even know how to work the microwave. Sarah gets indignant and tells him the male model in the seat next to her let her use his laptop, and she doesn't need to be insulted so she'll just sign off. Spencer quickly apologizes and tells her, "That's some letter you sent." Sarah tells him she meant every word, "especially the big ones." Spencer asks if she's breaking up with him. Sarah acts coy, "Maybe yes. Maybe no," and then sits back, satisfied with her ingenuity. Spencer looks troubled.

Platypus and Mollie McButter-Wouldn't-Melt-In-Her-Mouth are stretching out before a morning run. Platypus tells Mollie not to worry about keeping up with her pace and that if she just starts to sprint, she will meet Mollie back at the apartment. Mollie says that she's meeting Scraggle for breakfast, and Platypus looks annoyed at this and corrects her pronunciation of Houston Street: "House-ton. It's pronounced House-ton." Mollie goes on to say that since she hasn't showered yet, she may have to pass Platypus and Platypus can catch up with her at the apartment. Rowrr -- ffffft!

Apparently, J.B. is putting a lot of faith into this one gig he got from Sophie, because he quits his job at the Wash 'n' Go place. His supervisor tells him his timing is really bad (is there ever a good time to quit a job?), but J.B. tells him that if he's going to make a success of his DJ business, he has to be completely devoted to it. His supervisor grudgingly wishes him luck but advises him that it's not going to happen overnight because "these things take years and years --" At this point they are interrupted by Felicity's shrink, who has half her head done up in Reynolds Wrap. She tells J.B. she needs a DJ for her son's bar mitzvah because the band she booked canceled. J.B. jumps at the chance, not remembering, of course, that he's already booked Sophie's little shindig. Before walking away, Bar Mitzvah Mom asks, "I assume you have references?" J.B., always so quick on his feet (something he picked up during his gigolo-ing days), gestures over to a fellow follicle professional, "I did his wedding." The fellow follicle professional, who just happens to be the actor who played Adam on Popular, says, "And it was fabulous!" without skipping a beat. See, this is supposed to be funny, because they are making J.B.'s reference the stereotypical gay man working in a salon, whose saying he had a wedding is comical. That is, not.

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Time of Your Life




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