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The Time They Had Not

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The Time They Had Not

Joss and Casey are talking at the bar. "I'm not upset about this, so why you should be?" Casey says. "Because I know you, Casey, and I know that a baby is going to require a little more attention than you gave to Bruno," Joss replies. Casey says that that dog always hated her. "That's because you never fed him -- I had to," Joss retorts, adding, "You do that to a kid and they are going to put you in jail." Casey says that she's grown up since then and she can handle it. Joss is unconvinced. Casey suggest they go visit their parents and have eggnog and a nice family Christmas. Joss tells her that their Christmas will be hell once their parents find out that Casey is pregnant. Casey says, "Mom and Dad are going to cry and moan as soon as they realize that this is their first grandkid --" "Yeah, they are going to burst with pride," Joss interrupts. Casey continues, "They'll get over it. And besides, I need you to help me convince them to loan me some cash." Joss tells her no way, no how.

Sarah gets out of a cab laden with bags and giggles, "Believe me, it's much more fun spending someone else's money." The cabbie says, "Then someone else might want to give me a nice tip." Sarah giggles again, "Oooh, right. Hee hee," just as Cecilia comes coughing by. Sarah tries to get her attention as she tells the cabbie to keep the change: "Hey, Cecilia, did you talk to Romy about the window? Because it's jammed open." Cecilia's response (and mine) is, "So?" Sarah stares at her and says, "So, you should fix it." Cecilia says, "Yeah, and if you can afford to buy all that crap and let cabbies keep the change, you should pay your freakin' rent on time." Sarah squeals, "Hey, we did pay our freakin' rent on time --" Cecilia turns to her and says, "Look, let's get something crystal, here. I don't care about your window or any of your other stupid problems, so don't knock on my door, don't even look at me, because as far as I'm concerned you can all go to hell," and she slams the door in Sarah face without letting her into the building. Ha!

JB has planned a seduction night for Platypus. Wine, candles, fake fireplace tape in the VCR -- all the elements are in place for sex. Platypus is impressed: "Oh, my God, you did all this?" JB says, "Too fast?" Platypus says, "Judges rule: romance, excellent. Bottle of wine, totally acceptable. Sex? That's the line we don't cross." Why is she resisting, when just last week she was doing anything and everything to get him into bed, including accusing him of being gay? I guess Platypuses come into heat only one week out of the year. JB says he knows they aren't going to have sex, but he just felt like celebrating because of the job opportunity. Platypus tells him to open the wine. Actually, what she says is, "Crack open the vino," but reporting that would just make her look stupid and I don't want to do that. Oh, look, I just did. JB wants to hold off on the wine for a moment, and he goes over to the stereo, turns it on, plays the Donny Osmond song she likes, and asks her to dance. Platypus melts, and so does her resolve not to sleep with him. I guess she figures JB is as close to Scott Baio as she's going to get. She says, "Oh, hell, it's a memory," and they flop onto the bed.

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Time of Your Life




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