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The Time They Had Not

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The Time They Had Not

Commercial and Madeira break.

Platypus and JB lie under the covers together, and Platypus whispers, "You're so warm." They nuzzle.

Assistant Editor (formerly known as Trendy Blonde) and Sarah are at a pretzel cart, and Assistant Editor says that she loves Sarah's layered look and that she is never able to pull it off. AE asks Sarah if she is sure she doesn't want a pretzel. Sarah looks in her wallet and then says that she's watching her carbs. AE says, "You? Give me a break!" My reaction exactly. AE invites her to a Vivace party to which she has two VIP passes, "because there are people there you need to meet; it's a great place to make connections!" Sarah giggles and says she'd have to find someone to cover her shift, "but God, that sounds fantastic." AE also invites her to an "industry lunch" with some co-workers that Sarah should also meet. The two of them walk over and look at a sale in a store window. Sarah admires the coat, and AE admires the shoes on sale for $199.99. Sarah is incredulous, and AE agrees, "Yeah, usually they're three hundred dollars." AE suggests that they both buy a pair and show them off at the party. Didn't AE tell Sarah about her humble beginnings in New York? I would think she'd know that you can't be throwing $200 around on shoes. Sarah, pliable clothes horse that she is, asks, "Do they take plastic?" Does a bear poop in the woods (tm Glark)?

At Joss' family home, Joss' mother expresses happy surprise at having both of her daughters home together for the holidays. Their parents tell Casey how good she looks, and Joss' mother asks Casey, "Is that boyfriend taking care of you?" Casey says she's taking care of herself. Joss's father asks if Casey wants to take off her coat, and Casey hedges for a bit until Joss says, "Will you just take off the damn coat?"

And we're back in Platypus and Sarah's apartment, because you know we can never get enough of Sarah primping for a night out. The show's wardrobe mistress has decided to drag out that red corset thing from the last ep, the better to display Sarah's dinners with, and she is prancing around in that as she gets ready for her Vivace party. Sarah adjusts the plastic on the window, shivers (it gets a bit cold when you wear nothing on top), and pulls out her new shoes, giggling a bit as she puts them on. But lo and behold, what is that suspicious liquidy white stuff on the kitchen table? Sarah looks up to find -- pigeon poo! Sarah says, "No way," and, "That's it!" and clomps downstairs to bang on Cecilia's door. Cecilia is coughing and wrapped in a blanket as she comes to the door: "It's not a good time, I told you." Sarah ignores Cecilia's death-warmed-over state and launches into a tirade about rodents with wings in the apartment and the open window blah, blah, blah. She stops mid-tirade and notices, for the first time, that Cecilia is very sick. Sarah glares and says, "God, what is wrong with you? Are you okay?" Cecilia tells her she needs to go to an emergency room.

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Time of Your Life




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