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The Time They Had Not

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The Time They Had Not

Platypus is skulking around JB's apartment with a bag of groceries, and she sees him coming down the street laughing with Joan. She runs into Joan on purpose as JB turns to hail a cab and then feigns surprise at seeing JB. JB looks from Joan to Platypus, says, "Hi, Romy," and turns his attention back to getting a cab. Platypus quickly introduces herself to Joan: "Hi, I'm Romy." JB introduces them: "Romy, Joan. Joan, Romy." Joan asks if they are neighbors, and Romy says, "Yes, we're very neighborly," and asks where they're off to. JB says "business meeting" just as Joan says "drinks." They get in the cab and Platypus stares at JB, who says, "I gotta go," and leaves.

Cecilia is in a hospital bed, hooked up to all sorts of tubes and monitors, and Sarah is looking in on her. A nurse comes by to draw blood, and she asks if Sarah and Cecilia are sisters. "Not even a little, actually she's my super," Sarah answers. The nurse says that Meredith is one lucky super. Sarah is confused and says that Cecilia is not Meredith. The nurse looks at the chart and says, "Meredith Berlin, pneumonia." Sarah corrects him and says, "God, what if you were taking out her liver?" Sarah is being www.bitch.com again. The nurse tells her to chill and says he will get more forms for her to fill out. Whoever thinks that Cecilia-Meredith will not be at all happy with Sarah when she wakes up, raise your hands.

Platypus is running by herself when JB comes running after her, telling her he needs to talk to her. "Yeah, I think you do," Platypus retorts. JB says, "I know you gotta be wondering what that was about last night --" Platypus interrupts, "Well, I think I've ruled out the possibility that she's your mother." JB goes on, "Listen, the only reason why I was meeting Joan is that she's the one hooking me up with the limo guy I met the other night. So it's not like it was a date or something." Platypus tells him to tell the whole truth, for a change. JB admits that they used to go out, that she's a client at the salon, and she was on vacation when he met Platypus, which is why he didn't want to sleep with Platypus until he "took care of things" with Joan. JB says that Joan just wants to be friends now and that he was just trying to do the right thing. Platypus asks if it is over between them, and JB says, "Completely." Platypus takes his hand and tells him to finish the run with her.

Sarah is at her high-powered lunch with AE's industry friends, who are all squealing that they shouldn't have ordered dessert after all the pasta they just ate. Sarah is chewing her way through a tiny salad. One of the industry friends says, "I don't know how you can function on that tiny thing," and Sarah explains, "It's a diet thing." AE asks in a whisper, "What's going on with you?" Sarah tells the Cecilia story and immediately all the girls at the table start exclaiming that they shouldn't have gone to City Hospital. Sarah says that it was closer and that Cecilia is fine now. The check comes and the industry-employed people start arguing over who should pay the bill. We finally find out in this scene that AE's name is Audrey. One of the friends suggest they split it four ways, which comes out to thirty-four dollars each. I'm sorry, but I find it inordinately selfish that Audrey doesn't speak up on Sarah's behalf. Don't get me wrong, I think Sarah deserves it after being stupid enough to buy those shoes for $200, but it would be nice to retain a modicum of reality in the show.

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