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Those Lousy Fourth-Quarter Numbers

Laurie shows up at David's door, dressed in a see-through blouse, to discuss business. We wouldn't have it any other way. She's there to tell David that, despite his incredibly short tenure and no distinguishable accomplishments, he has been promoted to Junior Vice-President. Laurie's got to know whether this was his idea or Jenny's. He's offended by the accusation that he somehow manipulated Jenny into suggesting the promotion, but Laurie's on a roll of unrelated concepts: one moment he's with Laurie and the next he's back in bed with Jenny again. Is he weak or just hopelessly trapped. Yes on both counts. "I'm trapped by one sister," he admits, "and hopelessly in love with the other." With that they lock lips and get it on atop the kitchen counter.

The doorbell rings at Gwen's place. Faith is there, in violation of Gwen's restraining order. She's just ordered twenty pepperoni pizzas because they're going to throw a party. You might be a little more considerate of your guests and give them a choice. I'm surprised they didn't just order cheese pizzas. What's with that? Americans, I'm looking at you. According to Faith, this place is going to be raging in an hour or so. Jack pops in for a minute so that Ethan can tell him Gwen's whereabouts. No contrivance there.

Back in David's apartment, Jenny sneaks in and hears the sound of showering. She slips into the bathroom and removes her top. She's larger than I expected. Just as she's about to surprise David, she notices that he's not alone. Chandler's in there with him! Oh wait, whoever this is, it's shorter, blonder, and has breasts. It's Laurie. Embarrassed, angry, humiliated and any other emotion this limited actress can convey, Jenny leaves, slamming the door behind her.

A commercial for Passions airs, and the show looks only slightly more ludicrous than Titans.

Tonight's Charity Event: Chandler apologizes to Samantha for what happened in the boardroom. She informs him of her resignation and vows to work for a public company in her next position -- possibly at the Holiday Inn chain, something in the housekeeping division. Peter comes flying to the rescue, but Samantha seems to have cooled on him. Undaunted, Peter urges her not to quit, but to fight ruthlessness with ruthlessness. He needs her since this is the first real relationship he's ever had. He's obviously forgotten his two years in Miami Beach. She promises to sleep on it. Meanwhile, Chandler has made a request to play that golden oldie "Saving All My Love For You." He then asks Heather to dance with him, but doesn't get the reception he expected. She's rather snooty with him, asking what all the blueblood gossip hounds would say. He's sure they would find it outrageous, but he no longer cares. As they head out onto the dance floor, everyone else in the room looks their way and chatters amongst themselves. "Dear Lord!" "Oh My!" "How dare they?" "Is there any shrimp left?"

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