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Triumph of the Wills

We open in the emergency room as Chandler is running around in a panic, looking for assistance. A nurse comes out and asks him what happened. Why this is so important at this stage -- when Richard's already been admitted -- is suspect. Furthermore, why is Chandler so clueless, considering that we find out later that he and Heather both rode in with Richard in the ambulance? Anyway, Chandler explains to the nurse that Richard was with his child bride, he collapsed, and Chandler performed CPR. Hey, remember that time when I thought that Richard and Chandler were making out when Chandler was actually performing CPR? That was pretty funny. The nurse assures Chandler that they're doing everything they can. Peter, Gwen, Jenny, and Ethan arrive. They, too, want to know what happened. Chandler confirms that it was indeed a heart attack. Peter reminds the nurses that Richard built this place and that he should be receiving the best doctors. Actually, Peter, your father built the Williams Cardiac Wing, not the emergency room, as far as I know. Peter assures Gwen that Dad was in great shape and that he'll pull through. Laurie and David finally arrive from their dip in the fountain, but they're dry now. For the third time in less than a minute, somebody asks what happened and are told that it's a heart attack. Jenny's still not convinced: "But he was so healthy." Gwen is also perplexed over how this could happen...unless...wait a second...was Heather with him? Of course she was -- she's his wife. They were making sweet, sweet love when he just collapsed. It was awful. What was -- the sex or the collapsing? I know, easy joke. Sorry, I'll move on. A doctor emerges (we know he's a doctor because she's wearing a stethoscope around her neck): "I'm sorry. We did everything we could." Chandler lets loose a "Noooooooooooo!" The sisters start weeping, Ethan looks hungry, and Heather kind of looks shaken. Not as shaken as she looks once Gwen pointedly states, "You killed him." And just like that, Richard is no more. (Unless he shows up in later episodes as a ghostly mentor.) Cue dramatic music and title.

Jack Wagner's back in the credits.

Richard's mansion. The butler is doing his part to chip in, offering coffee to madam (Gwen to you and me). Gwen declines and attempts to comfort her children by kissing them and touching their saddened brows. Ethan seems really bummed out by the whole thing. Gwen still can't get past the whole cardiac arrest thing. It just seems so, so...contrived or something. It's like the producers were trying to bring in fresh blood or something. Still, she can't seem to shake the feeling that Heather is somehow involved. Chandler, faithful to the end (to Heather, anyway), believes that it's all an accident -- a horrible accident. Laurie enters the room. Until now, she's been handling all the arrangements. I hope they're not planning on holding the wake at the Pulse Club and having SR-71 provide the viewing music. Everything's being taken care of, but because the office is in "total chaos," Laurie's going to go down and help. Rather than somebody who actually works there, like, say...Peter? The insensitive-bastard son reminds Laurie to keep the press release short and vague. Chandler's off to check on Heather, and you can tell that neither Gwen nor Peter is happy with his priorities. "Instead of checking on Heather, shouldn't we be throwing her out of this house?" Peter asks. Jenny now sits at Gwen's feet so that her mother can stroke her hair. "That's enough, Peter," Gwen scolds. As much as she would agree with him, they have to be...oh what's the word? Sensitive.

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