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Triumph of the Wills

Heather's bedroom: the scene of the crime. Heather is curled up in the fetal position. She's also hyperventilating. Chandler climbs on the bed with her. She can't believe Richard's gone. She hoped it was just a dream, you know, like the Bobby Ewing thing? Chandler tries to console her and says that she's not alone and that the family is there for her. Peter walks in on the two, and Chandler advises him to call a doctor. "Sedatives are on the way," Peter snarls back. Chandler gets up to leave, but Heather begs him to stay.

WGE. Laurie and Samantha enter the big guy's office. Samantha can't believe that Richard's gone. Laurie boasts of her own strength, as she's taken care of all the details including the press release. Samantha regrets that she never told Richard that he was like a father to her. In this family, it may have been a good thing that she didn't, if you know what I mean. It's just beginning to sink in with her. "For God's sake, Samantha, hold it together," Laurie begs. They have to work through all of this. It's what Richard would have wanted. Laurie then dictates a cold and dry press release and, per her brother's orders, keeps it short and vague.

Back at Gwen's house, Ethan, Gwen, and Jenny have returned. Gwen wants the brood to do their best to hold things together over the next few trying days. Uh oh, better lock up the liquor cabinet, since I can see where this is going for Jenny. Gwen's going to take a shower. Now I get it -- this is where Bobby comes out of the shower and announces that it's all been a dream. "Chin high, never say die: the Williams motto," Jenny glumly mutters. Ethan warns her that he used to bottle things up after his mother died, but when you stuff it in like that you'll eventually explode. Just like Old Faithful. Jenny doesn't think that's going to work for her. He offers his shoulder to cry on if she ever needs it, as long as she promises to teach him how to use that expensive hang-gliding equipment of hers. Is Ethan actually coming on to his cousin? Somebody in the writers' room has some serious issues to work out. Jenny just wants a hug. I guess that's innocent enough. Keep your hands above the waist there, young Ethan.

Peter's raging against the machine, blaming Heather for numerous social ills as well as the death of his pappy. He blames Chandler for wanting to tell Richard about the fling on that fateful night. Peter might as well blame his agent, for obvious reasons. A doctor interrupts the rant. She's wearing some awful gray wig that would have made the Founding Fathers jealous. She informs Chandler and Peter that Heather's resting and should not be disturbed. As Chandler escorts the doctor to the door, Tom shows up. Whoever he is, he's just the guy Peter's been waiting for. He's Richard's attorney. Oh, that Tom. He's also one of Richard's closest friends. Richard's death has been a major shock for the entire firm. Peter gets straight to business. He assumes that all of his father's affairs are in order? "For the most part," Tom mysteriously replies. Peter glosses right over this and mentions the formal reading of the will before his brain catches up to his mouth: "For the most part?" Apparently there was a slight oversight on Richard's part. The last time he updated his will was six months ago, before he had met and married Heather. Consequently, she's not mentioned in the will. Peter's thrilled. He tries to cover up his glee and fakes grief over daddy's kicking the bucket.

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