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Triumph of the Wills

Back at the stately Williams manor, they're doing that thing where you eat after a burial service. Jack attempts to bond with Ethan. The young nephew is bitter that his own mom didn't get this kind of treatment when she died. In fact, they were so poor that after the funeral they actually had to eat pieces of...er...never mind. Furthermore, Ethan's also dejected that Richard died, leaving him alone again. Gwen snuggles up to Jack and assumes that he'll be the new CEO. Richard would have wanted it that way. Yeah, but Richard also would have wanted more than a six-episode commitment, and he didn't get that did he? Elsewhere, Scott and Chandler chat about Richard's compassion for the black man. Scott's appreciative that even though he was in the army, where they don't fly planes at all, Williams Aviation still hired him.

Peter uses the funeral to hook up with Samantha. They both look back on all the good times and even reach out and touch hands. She liked his heartfelt speech today. In a touching move, Peter gives Richard's pen to her. She couldn't possibly accept it -- not the pen. Peter insists, and they hang onto each other for dear life (i.e. they hug).

Jenny's asleep on the couch. Laurie walks in, complaining about all the post-funeral chitchat she was forced to engage in. Jenny apologizes for not attending, since she was too embarrassed after showing up smashed at the funeral. Laurie chalks it all up to Jenny's need to be at the center of attention. It's always about Jenny. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny! Laurie's letting it all out now. She blames Jenny for forcing her to go out with Jenny's damn boyfriend. And for forcing her to flirt with him and pull him into the fountain with her while Jenny stayed home and nursed her hangover. Meanwhile Laurie should have been with Dad. I guess, but I think Dad was boinking Heather at the time, so hanging out with him wouldn't have been as much fun as Death of a Salesman. Jenny's had enough and demands to be left alone.

Nighttime at the graveyard, and it's rather spooky. Gwen is delivering fresh flowers to the grave. There has got to be a service that could have handled that for her. "I came to say goodbye -- just the two of us." She's tried and she's tried, but she just can't imagine a world without Richard in it. I felt the exact same way when the canceled Riptide.

Chandler allows the two maids, Stacy and Renee (they have names now?), to go home. Jack returns. The guest suite is all made up for him. Jack recalls that Richard and Gwen never wanted Chandler to go into the Navy, but they were both so proud of him when he did. Eh? Jack needs to know that he can count on Chandler. "Always," Chandler promises.

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