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Triumph of the Wills

David tells Laurie that Jenny will be staying with him for the next few days. Laurie can't believe it. Jenny declares that she's just getting out of Laurie's way so that she's no longer the center of anyone's attention. Typical passive-aggressive ploy. David promises to take care of Jenny and asks for Laurie's support. Support? Laurie claims that's all she's ever given Jenny. Forget about it. Jenny's David's problem now.

WGE. Peter confers with Tom to make sure that everything's in order. Meanwhile, Gwen's upset that Jenny has moved out of the house. Hello! She's allegedly twenty-three and she's loaded; she can do whatever she wants. Jenny promises that it's all just temporary. She just needs time away from the pressure and the attitude (when she says "attitude" she looks right at cold-hearted smarty-pants Laurie). At least David understands her, she says. She storms off and is replaced in the conversation by Chandler, who wants to know what's going on. "This family is falling apart, just when they should all be hanging together," Gwen claims.

Back at the Williams mansion, Heather is preparing to leave. She begs Lucille for some assistance, but her pleas go ignored. Lucille tells her to help herself. Nice mouth for a maid. Heather opens the door to discover Alex Littman of Littman, Adler, and Klein. He's here for the reading of the will, he explains. Heather says that he's in the wrong place -- the reading is taking place at WGE. Oh, see she's talking about the old will. The new will (which apparently stipulated that the reading would take place at the house) was dictated by Richard while he was in Hawaii on his honeymoon. "I'm sorry," Alex Littman of Littman, Adler, and Klein says, "but are you the new Mrs. Williams?" Heather wants to know why -- is she included in the new will? No, ya dummy, he left his entire estate to some coconuts. Of course you're in it. Oh, I betcha Lucille may have just lost her job.

WGE. The clan is reading the will. Jack has been named the new CEO while the "rest of the children, including his ex-wife" get to share the estate. Jack accepts his new position, but Jenny wonders why there was no mention of Heather. Peter believes that Dad obviously didn't trust Heather and therefore didn't include her. "Or didn't have the time," Chandler gripes. Nonetheless, Heather's the only one who can contest the will, Peter points out, and seeing as she's not here....Oh here she is now, and she's had the time to wrap something burgundy and dead around her neck. Very fetching. She introduces Alex Littman of Littman, Adler, and Klein. He presents the new will and suggests that it was kept hidden because Richard suspected that his wishes would not have been carried out. Whatever happened to attorney-client privilege? Even wilder is that Alex Littman of Littman, Adler, and Klein, was an old Navy buddy of Richard's. Perhaps they used to stock the t-shirt shelves together. The wills are compared and found to be identical, except that in the new one Heather is afforded an equal share with all the surviving dependents, and Richard stipulated that she could remain in the house as long as she wants. Hmmm, who could have seen that coming?

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