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Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Richard and Chandler are out on a morning jog. Chandler reminisces over and over about the test flight: "I guess I miss the Navy more than I thought." He wants to re-up, but he won't say why. Richard's not buying it. The whole family needs him at WGE. "I lost you once," Richard almost cries. "The second time would kill me." Snore.

WGE. Heather vetoes an ugly blue dress as too classy. She wants something sexier -- something a whore would feel confident in. She has no suggestions for the nerdy designer, but she'll know what she wants when she sees it. Dismissed! Heather wants to know from Samantha whether Peter was fishing for something last night. Samantha wasn't aware of any ulterior motive. "Really, said the tortoise to the hare," Heather counters. Gah? She wants to know if Samantha's defending Peter. Samantha's not falling for him, is she? Nope -- she's just willing to see if he can change, because sharks are capable of changing their stripes. Heather demands that Samantha investigate to see if Peter's up to something. Perhaps he's just using Samantha to get to Heather.

Down the hall, Peter's meeting with an Asian guy. Word is that he's the best techie at Williams Global. "Techies never brag," he says. Uh huh. Looks like the writers forgot to do their research again. He furiously taps away at his laptop to demonstrate that he knows what he's doing. Peter's got a side project for him. Can Kato access the video surveillance footage from the Hana Winstar from say, oh, two months ago. Sure, all they have to do is access the resort's mainframe. Peter refers to him as Kemosabe, which I'm sure on any respectable show would result in angry letters and protests. Tonto assures Peter that it shouldn't be a problem.

Jenny is running through her presentation for Laurie and David. For some reason, they're doing this in David's apartment. They've got pie charts, bar graphs, and everything. Laurie poses a follow-up question for practice, but Jenny panics. She's terrible at thinking on her feet. It's no big deal -- all she has to do is cram. Or, of course, somebody qualified could do it. Jenny would prefer to do a little thinking on her back about now so Laurie leaves. After the door closes, she goes through all of her available expressions -- pouty face, confused face, resigned face, etc.

WGE. Peter's reviewing the pixilated footage. Samantha walks in and, as subtly as she can, she asks about a secret agenda for getting Heather and Gwen together the previous night. Peter admits to having one: he wanted to impress Samantha. Duly impressed, she asks him out for a drink, but he declines so that he can get back to the peep show on his laptop. The images begin to get clearer and clearer until Chandler and Heather appear, digitally frozen in an embrace. Peter reaches for some lotion and...

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