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Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Celebration at the Pulse club. They're back to the musical guest thing again. This time it's Atlantic recording artist Debellah Morgan. Who cares? I have come to appreciate these musical interludes because they give my wrists a rest. Peter shakes up a Vegemite daiquiri. The inquisitive Aussie from the presentation wants in on the Jenny action, since he's already tried to hit on Laurie with no luck -- twice. The ice queen herself asks David whether he's seen Jenny tonight. He hasn't. Laurie checks the women's lounge. Jenny's in one of the stalls, slugging back a fifth of Jim Beam. She hides the bottle and greets her sister. She's acting very drunk and cannot stop babbling. Before it gets any worse, she heads out to dance with David.

Chandler and Samantha seem to be on friendly terms again. He's curious about all the lawyers who were coming in and out of Heather's office today. Even though it was behind closed doors, the chambermaid overheard two of them discussing legal matters, and she believes that Heather is handing Dress2K over to Peter. Chandler doesn't buy it -- unless. of course, Peter has some kind of mysterious leverage over her. Samantha's sure that Peter's changed his ways.

Chandler marches over to Peter and demands to know why he's taking over Dress2K. Peter counters by asking why Chandler is so interested in the fashion business. After all, haute couture has never been Chandler's strong suit. Get it? Fashion? Suit? Alas, this is Peter's joke, not mine. Peter claims that Heather came running to him for help, but Chandler knows that Peter's the last person she would turn to. "Poor Daddy, saddled with such a slut," Peter sneers. Chandler's really angry now, as we can tell by his warning Peter to shut up. Peter has caught Chandler blushing. Why? Is Chandler angry, embarrassed, or ashamed? The adopted son warns Peter again to watch his mouth. Or did he tell him to wash it? It's very noisy in the club. Chandler leaves, and Peter does the happy dance. Okay, it's settled. Peter's can't be gay. He has no rhythm.

The next day, Chandler grabs Heather and takes her behind closed doors. Why is she transferring Dress2K to Peter? It's none of his business, she claims. Chandler knows that Peter's blackmailing her. She says she can take care of herself. He disagrees: Peter will bleed her dry, being a shark and all. For the fortieth time, Chandler decides to tell dearly departed...er, "dear old Dad." Chandler can't, Heather protests. Richard will divorce her and throw her out on the street with nothing. In the pilot episode, she had a pretty swank house in Beverly Hills, but maybe she was just squatting. ["Or maybe Richard was paying the rent on that place, too." -- Wing Chun] Then Richard will disinherit Chandler. Regardless, Chandler can't see any way out but to confess. Heather disagrees, knowing that there must be another way out. He gives her another twenty-four hours to come up with something.

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