Payback's A Bitch

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Payback's A Bitch

Chandler bursts into Heather's bedroom. Everybody bursts on this show. Why can't somebody knock for once? Just once! It's taken him all day but he double-checked the accusations, and now he knows that she stole the money. All day? All right, he locked himself in the closet for four hours. She admits to taking the money, but insists that she did it for Chandler, and for his father's legacy. He vows to do whatever he can to repay the money, even if it means selling the designs to one of their competitors. He'll do no such thing, she replies. Heather believes that this project is their baby and she will not allow him to miscarry it like their real baby or allow it to get hit by a car like their symbolic canine baby. Chandler wants to know why she's so determined. Because it's his destiny to run Williams Global and it's her destiny to stand beside him looking like a cheap tramp with an even cheaper plastic surgeon. Oh. Well, then, even he can forgive a little thing like embezzling over $5 million. With that he jumps on Heather and puts her up against the wall. She accidentally knocks the intercom switch on and their foreplay continues.

Downstairs, Peter returns home and ask Edward where Heather is. The whole house is ringing with Chandler and Heather's oohs, ahhs and grunts. With a wink, Edward remarks that it appears that Heather is indisposed.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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