Payback's A Bitch

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Payback's A Bitch

Peter and Samantha attempt to find a discrepancy in Heather's books, but their search is in vain. How will they discover her secrets, Samantha wonders? Enough about work. Samantha's got some pent-up aggression that she needs to release through intercourse. Peter can't wait. Samantha goes to change into something a little more unflattering. Heather breezes in from behind the curtains to remind Peter that she owns him, and that he had better keep Samantha out of her business, or Heather will reveal the whole Maureen scam. Peter agrees, but warns that "hell hath no fury like a woman who's just had her job stolen out from under her." That's Peter's problem, not Heather's. Before leaving, she leans in real close as if for a kiss but instead whispers, "Payback's a bitch," and bites him hard on the ear. Such a minx!

The next day, Samantha waltzes into Heather's office and plants some kind of high-tech, voice-activated listening device under Heather's desk. Peter catches her in the office, and warns that using her position to destroy Heather may arouse suspicion. Samantha's curious as to when Peter started being afraid of Heather. "I'm not afraid of that brainless breast-post," Peter claims. I replayed that line over and over again and even had my wife verify it. He said "breast-post." They reminisce over the previous night's sex acts. Apparently, Peter had a lot of aggression to get out last night, so tonight it's Samantha's turn. Every time sex is described between these two it's always done in a very clinical and cold matter as if someone's reading from a reference manual. Where's the love, people?

Heather arrives at the hangar with a picnic basket full of goodies for the hardworking boys of Williams Aviation. Scott's grateful for Heather's support. He may be talking about her bra, as things are looking a little, shall we say, nippy. He points out that the Boy Scout has been working so hard, he's sleeping in his office. Indeed, we see Chandler on his couch with a newspaper over his head. Just like a hobo. To be honest, Chandler has not been in this episode that much, so I can't even confirm that it is Chandler under the newspaper. I think he's been busy preparing for his role in the Omega Code sequel. Scott now favors dumping the flying-wing project due to recent budget constraints. There's no way that they can compete with Olympic Aerospace. Apparently they need $4.6 million to purchase the SC1 Super Computer. See, the "SC" stands for Super Computer and the 1 is how many they need. They can't run flight simulations without it. "No bucks, no Buck Rogers," Scott laments. Remember Erin Gray? This show could have really used her. Her and that little robot guy too. Heather vows to get the money.

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