Payback's A Bitch

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Payback's A Bitch

Gwen's mansion. Gwen welcomes Jenny home, and promises that they all have a lot of emotional inroads to make her well again. Jack sends Laurie off to help Gwen so that he can have a man to man chat with David. He grills the little two-timer on what he's been doing to Jack's two adorable nieces. The Laurie thing was a surprise -- he didn't see it coming. So far, Jenny doesn't know, and she won't know because David's involvement with Laurie ends now! "Are you threatening me?" Jack doesn't threaten -- he's much to rich for that. Writer's fart. Both David and Laurie are strong enough to get over each other. Jenny, on the other hand, could snap like a twig, just what we were hoping for. This will be David's last warning.

Heather slithers into some lawyer-guy's office. She wants to discuss how much money the charity made last week. Tom tells her that the auction brought in $193,000. She ponies up an extra $7K, since odd numbers irritate her. She wants to know what the grand total is for the entire foundation, but Tom hedges on telling her. But, with a wink, a smile, and a shake of her rack, Tom spills the beans that there's nearly $11 million in the bank. Why, that could buy two super computers. Tom's got to go work on some Dress2K contracts, but Heather needs to use his phone. Oh, and Tom, just leave your computer right there where my sticky fingers can get to it. Tom seems fine with that, and no sooner is he out the door that she pounces on his laptop and brings up the foundation records. With a few simple clicks, a big chunk of the foundation's money has been transferred -- just like in the movies.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is getting their cameo over with while Peter and Samantha swing, baby, swing! Ah, young love. Heather asks to borrow Peter for a minute. She's heard about Samantha's being in her office earlier. As punishment, she revokes Samantha's stay-over privileges. I'm not kidding. His punishment is that Samantha is no longer allowed to sleep over at Peter's. Heather reminds him that, in their arrangement, mercy is neither given nor received. I can see why she doesn't want to give any, but why would she forbid mercy's being given to her? Before she can say anything else stupid, she spies her dead husband's adopted son and makes a beeline for him. After a lengthy smooch, Heather surprises Chandler with the news that she has his money! She declines to say from where and that seems sufficient for dull-eyed Chandler.

It's nighttime, and Laurie rushes into Jenny's room; Jenny's thrashing about in her bed. Perhaps she's being disturbed at the thought of unemployment checks so close to the holidays. Laurie attempts to comfort her as Jenny reveals her dream. There was a bridge, and David was there, soaking wet and looking all guilt-ridden. (I'm quoting verbatim here, people.) In the dream, he told Jenny that it was over and that he was in love with someone else. More black and white flashbacks from last week's episode. In the dream, Jenny had no choice but to jump into oblivion, much as her career's going to do after this show wraps. Laurie assures her that there's always Days of Our Lives, and that David loves her. They both do. She puts her arms around her sister, who's making that shit-disturbing face again.

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