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Meet the Titans
The wedding is attended by, at most, fifty people -- a sure-fire way to avoid the high cost of paying and feeding extras. Peter walks Gwen down the aisle and seats her in the front row. Now I'm not too knowledgeable about wedding etiquette but I'm positive you don't seat the groom's ex-wife in the front pew. Oh, the rich really do live different lives from the rest of us. Heather is dressed in what is easily the sluttiest wedding gown I've ever seen. Chandler must have misplaced his Navy whites, because he's now dressed in some kind of waiter's uniform. As he walks Heather down the aisle, she gives good glare to Gwen and Samantha. Just before they arrive at the altar, Chandler congratulates Heather on her nuptials. She congratulates him back, because she's pregnant, and the baby's Chandler's. Again, the moment is incredibly anticlimactic, because if you hadn't known this was coming, you've been holed up in an igloo for the past four months. As the ceremony begins, we fade to black. Next week, Heather parades around in another bikini. Uncle Jack (Jack Wagner) shows up, and it sounds like something's going to happen between him and Gwen. Gee whiz, haven't any of these people read the Bible?

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