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"Do not have sexual relations with your father's wife; that would dishonor your father."

Back in El Segundo, Peter is dropping off a very drunk Samantha at her pad. She's had one too many martinis. Peter is trying to be honorable, but she won't let him leave until he gives her a kiss. With pleasure. He bids her adieu, and she calls him "Chandler." He's not too happy about that.

It's nighttime at the San Diego naval base. A doctor is advising "Mrs. Johnson" that she needs to take it easy. Heather agrees to slow down a little with her hectic schedule of backstabbing and double-crossing. The doctor offers to let them hear the baby's heartbeat. He smears some blue gel over Heather's tummy, which hasn't increased one inch in size over the past two months. By the way, Yasmine's an innie. The doc cranks up the volume on the monitor, and unless Heather has some kind of irregular heartbeat, she's actually pregnant. It's settled. Both Heather and Chandler -- Chandler more than Heather -- are awestruck by thump-thump of life.

For some reason, Parker Brothers has purchased advertising on Titans to promote their "My First Games" line of toys for toddlers.

Gwen's over at Richard's place while Ethan has his admission interview. Gwen wants to know if her restoration project was put on the back burner in favor of Dress2K. That about sums it up. "I guess you've got your juggling to do, and I've got mine," Richard declares. What kind of smug-ass response is that? Does that mean she gets her money or not? It sounds like it doesn't. Still, she asks if that means she gets her green light? Richard smiles and tells her that, unofficially, she's got her money. But you just said...oh I give up. It doesn't matter because Ethan is returning from his interview with the school principal. He did very well...until she caught him doodling on the back of the application. She shows it to Gwen and Richard, and it's an insanely artistic caricature of the head mistress with devil horns. Just doodling, huh? Hilarious. The Bramley Academy will be in touch. Gwen and Richard have a good laugh over the whole thing.

Samantha nervously pokes her head into Peter's office. She thanks him for sending a car to pick her up this morning. She vows to never have a martini again as the mixture of gin, vermouth, and olives caused her to have naughty sex dreams about Peter. The bankers apparently bought Peter's straight routine and gave WGE the money. He suggests going out for sushi to celebrate, and oddly enough (well I guess not for this show), Samantha agrees.

Chandler, ever the boy scout, delivers some pre-natal vitamins to Heather's desk and demands that she take one with every meal. The two share a tender moment reliving the heartbeat. It made the whole pregnancy thing more real. Which is why Chandler implores Heather to tell Richard as soon as possible. She agrees, but from the forlorn look on her face, her heart's not into it.

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