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"Do not have sexual relations with your father's wife; that would dishonor your father."

Night falls on Gwen's mansion as Laurie curls up on the couch to read a book. Gwen is alarmed. Aren't there better things to do than reading -- like going out on a date for instance? There are just no boys that Laurie's interested in. Gwen's worried that if Laurie concentrates too hard on the business side of things, she might not get married until she's twenty-six. On second thought, maybe there's one guy who tickles her fancy. Hmmmm, is it Scott from the hangar?

Peter stops his car on the way home from his and Samantha's date. He forces Samantha to admit that she had a lot of fun, and she admits that she had "a blast." Peter then pounces on her in way that a gay man might expect a straight guy to act. She shoves him off and is furious that she could be so stupid to believe that Peter was just interested in a platonic relationship. Yeah, nobody saw THAT coming. She reads the script pages, so she's fully aware that Peter knew about Chandler's dissing her and was hoping to get Samantha on the rebound. Very perceptive for a housekeeper. Peter cops to all of it. He realizes that he's got to change, he wants to change. She doesn't buy it and demands to be driven home. For you sci-fi fans, Peter's wearing a replica of a tunic that Captain James Kirk wore on Star Trek, circa second season.

Pulse is closed, and David's drying some martini glasses. Jenny suggests that it's ironic that she would rather have David than all the booze in the bar. Now Jenny, remember from last week -- it's only ironic if you're drinking chardonnay and there's a black fly in it. David asks her to leave. She says she'll go, but she doesn't move. She says she's opening the door, but she's still standing there. She says she's gone, and he can't take the teasing anymore. They start making out. Naturally, Laurie shows up, dressed to the nines (I figure somebody on this show would say something like that), to witness the whole sordid spectacle.

Richard and Heather are in bed together. She wants a baby. What? Right now? She explains that there will always be a part of him that's with Gwen until they have a baby of their own. He finds the notion preposterous. They've only been married for three weeks. Furthermore, he married her because she was a hottie and because she had an amazing body. He's barely had a chance to enjoy it, and now she's going to add a whole mess of baby fat AND go through more mood swings than she already does? No thank you. All she wants is what he and Gwen have. Richard believes that she's getting way too ahead of herself; besides, next week he'll be dead...um, dead tired, that is, from all that...work? He's right, as usual. To celebrate his setting his foot down, Richard tries to score a little morning action. She pushes him away because she's "late for work." I swear he's not getting any of the benefits of a trophy wife.

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