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TNG: “Sub Rosa”

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It's a Family Affair
Picard logs that Geordi and Data have recovered, but he fears that Dr. Bev's recovery will be more of a "personal nature." Ten Forward. Girl talk. Dr. Bev explains to Troi that, centuries ago, Bonin discovered one of her ancestors had a bio-chemistry that was compatible with his energy matrix: "I imagine that he took on human form and seduced her like he seduced me. I was about to be initiated into a very unusual relationship. You might call it a family tradition. But there's a part of me that's a little sad." Troi wonders how so. "I reread the entries in my grandmother journals -- whatever else he may have done, he made her very happy." Troi stares. Dr. Bev gazes out the window. She's better off, really. Can you imagine what going on double dates would be like with him as a boyfriend? You'd have to lug that damn lamp all over the place and then light it while everyone looks uncomfortably away. Say what you will about Pulaski being a bitch, having no bedside manner, or attempting to replace the incomparable Bones with her crustiness, but at least she never masturbated in front of the captain. I'm just saying.

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