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Levels of Orgasms
Wesley smacks into a security containment field and beams himself away. Leaving the transporter room, he does something to his communicator and tosses it over his shoulder. Riker reports to the Bridge that they lost Wesley. Picard orders a shutdown of all transporters and shuttlebays. Geordi can't track him, because Wesley's done something to the internal security sensors, but manages to pick up a "piece of his trail." Or he could have said "a piece of his tail." With this episode, who knows? Picard orders some decks sealed off. Wesley runs into another force field. He pulls out his phaser -- they allow minors to have phasers?! -- and programs it to shoot continuously at the force field. On the Bridge, Geordi thinks they've got him. Wesley doubles-back and hides in a room as a security team gets off a turbolift to investigate. The guards find the shooting phaser and turn it off. Worf, Lefler, and Riker try to find Wesley though thermal sensors. "Unfortunately, he knows our procedures -- he will avoid all corridors and public areas," Worf says. What if he knows that you all know that he knows the usual procedures, and stays in the corridors and public areas since he thinks that you all will think he's not doing that and look for him elsewhere? Read it slowly -- it makes sense. Worf finds an unidentified heat source. Wesley scampers into Jeffrey tubes and finds Worf at one end of them. He scampers back and tries to close a hatch on Worf. Stupid boy. Worf forces the hatch open and, as Wesley turns to another hatch, Riker appears. They grab him and drag him to the Bridge. Forcing him into a chair, Worf and Riker restrain him while Mother Crusher soothes, "It's okay, Wesley," and Picard comes at him with a device. Wesley struggles as Geordi's hand attempts to steady his face. Picard puts the device on Wesley. "NO!" Wesley yells, closing his eyes. "His eyes," Picard says. Three different hands go to force Wesley's eyes open, but here's the thing. Before they can exert real force, Wesley's eyes seem to flap open all on their own. Even funnier? Although his eyes are being forced open, they still manage to blink. This scene needed more Clockwork Orange. Now that will keep the kids off drugs! Picard activates the game and Wesley, prodigy that he is, actually manages to fight it for a bit. But, oh, he gives in to the O. His body relaxes and he stops fighting. "That's right, Wesley, just let yourself go...relaaaax," his mother encourages him. The lights on the Bridge go dim, and Data steps in. He holds up a strobe light and flashes Picard in the face. He flashes everyone else in the room until they blink. "Computer, resume normal illumination," Data orders. Wesley rips off his game and tosses it away with an "ew, gross!" look. The senior officers look confused. Data tells Worf that he will find a small alien ship off the starboard bow. He orders him to secure it with tractor beams and raise their shields. Worf hops to it. Picard looks down. "Are you all right, Captain?" Data inquires. "I think so, Mr. Data," Picard responds.

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