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Levels of Orgasms
Enterprise grabs Etana's ship and she is none too happy about it. "Explain yourself, Picard!" she bites through the viewscreen. "The explanation is simple -- your attempt to capture our ship has failed," Picard tells her mildly. Etana threatens to fire. Riker steps forward: "Tactical analysis, Mr. Worf." "Their weapons systems are substantially inferior to ours -- they are not a threat!" Riker orders, "Get her off the screen." Etana is at a loss for words. Geordi can't believe what they were about to do. "Data," Riker says, "we deactivated you." Wesley leaps up, eager for approval: "I managed to reconnect his positronic matrix." Data explains that Wesley's runner in the corridors was a diversion so he could get the strobe light working to counteract the addictive effects of the game. "And the rest of the crew?" Picard asks. "We programmed the main computer to transmit the same optical bursts to all display screens, stations, and terminals throughout the ship." Data says. Well, that should reach all the nerds. "That should reach almost everyone -- take a medical team to treat the rest," Riker says. I sure hope no one on the ship is prone to heart problems or seizures. Picard says they will dump Etana at the nearest starbase. Would someone care to explain to me how the optical effects of the Strobe Light of Success will work on blind Geordi? Picard logs that the Ktarians have been dumped, and they are now en route to dump more space trash -- Wesley is getting on a ship that will take him back to the Academy. In his room, Wesley packs. "I never saw you wear these!" Lefler says, taking the intimate tone of a bona fide college girlfriend examining her boyfriend's clothes, usually boxers. "Afraid someone might see your birthmark?" she wonders. Enough with the birthmark already -- we don't care about The Birthmark! The Birthmark is just something we don't want to think about as living on the soon-to-be Mrs.-The-Traveler! Wesley reaches affectionately around Lefler and says, "Now, I wonder who started that birthmark rumor." Lefler turns around, throws her hands up, and leans in for a kiss. Aw, that was actually rather sweet and natural. It's funny -- Ashley Judd gets up on her tiptoes and really leans in for that kiss, whereas Wil Wheaton kind of leans back and away from her. Lefler moans that she wishes Wesley didn't have to go. Wesley agrees, and says he will write because someone has to kill those rumors about him. They hug until Riker tells him to get his butt to the transporter. Wesley throws on his drive-thru bank deposit canister suitcase and turns toward the door. "Here," Lefler tells him, handing him a red Lucite covered mini-pad. "A gift, so you'll remember. Robin's Laws, all one hundred and two of them." They giggle at each other. As they walk out, Wesley says, "Law one hundred and three? A couple of light years can't keep good friends apart." "FRIENDS"?! Dude, that's just...cold! Lefler feels the chill. She nods, looking down. "Bye," Wesley says, kissing her on the cheek. ON THE CHEEK! What is that all about?! Ashley Judd stares after him, thinking, "Fuck this Star Trek crap, I'm going to Hollywood! What's your dream?!"

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