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Levels of Orgasms
In Engineering, Wesley and Geordi technobabble. Wesley sets to work and about two seconds of comm finger-tapping go by before he whines, "Why aren't these registering?!" Lefler happens by and tells him to do it manually. Doing it manually should come easy to him. One would think. Wesley insists that it can't be done. Lefler shows him how. Because she's a smart girl. But she's not smart enough to elope with The Traveler, so there! I don't even know who I'm talking to. "There," Lefler says, finishing up, "Law 17: When all else fails do it yourself." Oh, The Laws! I forgot about those stupid things! Wesley's thing works and he's happy and he thanks her. Lefler grins and walks off. "Oh, by the way," Wesley says, hastily getting to his feet, "I'm Wesley Crusher." They shake hands. "I know," Lefler says, "just back from the Academy." She introduces herself. They continue to grin idiotically at each other and shake hands until there's a beeping from Wesley's console. Lefler looks over Wesley's shoulder: "Your neutrinos are drifting." Bet that's not the only thing that's drifting! "My what?" Wesley ejaculates before darting back to his computer and tapping at it. When he turns back, Lefler has made a saucy exit. He grins and gets back to work. Lefler looks over her shoulder at him, which, incidentally, takes the sauce out of her exit. Bridge. Data tells Geordi that the scientists on the Unimportant To This Episode Mission are arguing over equipment. Geordi, frustrated, says, "Well, tell them to flip a coin -- we've got to work together on this mission otherwise we're never going to get it done!" "A coin," Data muses, "very good. I will replicate one immediately." Ah, not only is this a Very Special Data Episode where Data learns the concept of surprise parties, but it's also one where he makes funnies about idiomatic phrases. Just as Geordi looks up at Data to explain, Mother Crusher calls Data to Sickbay. Sickbay. Mother Crusher sets Data on a pointless task and then reaches behind his back and turns him off. Data freezes, drops the tricorder he was reprogramming, and falls face first onto a console. Mother Crusher brings Troi and Riker into the room. Riker drops Data on a medi-bed and tells the computer to secure Sickbay. Mother Crusher flips open that trapdoor to Data's brains and starts working on him with a laser pointer. My cats go crazy for those things. If we even move in the general vicinity where the laser pointer is kept, they start to dance around and squawk at us.

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