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Levels of Orgasms
Bridge. Worf announces to the senior staff that they have reached the special coordinates and a ship is on an intercept course. Picard tells Worf to advise the ship of their status and then orders everyone else to replicate what is needed and see to it that the devices are "properly distributed. Not forgetting Mr. Crusher." The senior staff leaves, including Worf, who...was just told to do something entirely else on the Bridge and clearly hasn't done it. Man, Nancy Reagan was right -- don't do drugs! Mother Crusher and Worf enter the Crusher Quarters, calling for Wesley. "In here, Mom," Wesley breathes out. Excited (gross), Mother Crusher creeps forward with two devices in her hands. She turns the corner to find Wesley and Lefler on Wesley's bed, both enthralled in their own, separate orgasm games. They both gasp and heave jerkily and quite unconvincingly. Proud and happy of her onerising son, Mother Crusher leaves with Worf. As soon as the door is heard to swish shut, Lefler looks around and pats the still-gasping Wesley on his hand: "It worked." Oh, those clever kids! Wesley says they can't trust anyone and should keep their faux games on them at all times. Lefler says she's on duty in Engineering and needs to go before Geordi suspects something. So, even though these people are totally addicted to and unable to separate themselves from their orgasm games, if these two slack on their work it might look suspicious? I guess that's what they call vocational drugs. That sounded funnier in my head. Wesley orders Lefler to access the security tracking thingy, and Lefler takes off for work in her date clothes. She turns back to say, "Don't forget Law 91: Always watch your back." Does Lefler Law -1 have anything to do with plagiarizing popular sayings? "You too," Wesley says. As they are her Laws of Annoyance, I believe you can safely assume that she is always practicing them, Wesley. So, shut up. An alien ship flies. Oh, how I've missed typing that! Bridge. Worf announces that the vessel is approaching. I just said that, you silly man! Picard orders all senior officers to the Bridge but then, without waiting for them to appear, says, "On screen!" Riker's Risan rompee appears on screen to greet them. Picard reports that the ship has been secured for her and they await her further instructions. I completely love how they have Etana all dressed up in a grey full-body suit that even Victorian Ages way up her neck to her chin. Even her hair is pulled severely back. Like she wasn't giggling and galumphing around in bed sheets and gauze the last time we saw her.

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