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Asleep At The Switch
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Previously on Pick A Little, Talk A Little: Judd and Bobby Jon trash-talked Margaret for speaking while they were trying to play with their erector sets, and yes, all meanings are fully intended. Yaxha lost the reward challenge, and then it lost the immunity challenge after Brianna decided that in the team's production of Hoop Dreams, she would play the hoop and let the rest of the suckers provide the dreams. Besides, she didn't know what a pick was! Who doesn't know what a pick is? Who doesn't watch basketball? Who doesn't watch sports on television? Who knits? Who reads? While Lydia's anemic challenge showings weren't winning any prizes either literally or figuratively, Brianna and her braids had enough enemies that she found herself on what we might call the boot end of the boot. Farewell, my wisp. I'm hesitant to give advice, and no one strategy works for everyone, but I am willing to wander out on my limb and put forth the following: perhaps if you know, moved.

Credits. I like how there's a snake right after they show Gary. And what is the snake saying? The snake is saying, "Snake? I'm not a snake. I'm a lizard. No, no, I used to have feet. I...I sold them. WHAT?"

The opening of Survivor has fallen into a blender with the opening of The Lion King again this week, as a large orange sun looms on the horizon and we all prepare for the inevitable appearance of computer-generated animals. CBS runs a Ghost Whisperer bug across the bottom of the screen, as if to say, "This may not be the most artistic show you've ever seen, but it could be worse, if you get our amply endowed drift." Drums. More sun. Hot. Hot, hot, hot. Scorching hot. Oven-roasted hot. Africa hot. (Well, for Guatemala.) In fact, one might even say it's too darn hot, if one were fond of exotic rhythms and switching back and forth between major and minor keys. A couple of monkeys lie limply over tree branches, their limbs dangling lifelessly in an apparent salute to Brianna. But I kid people who have already lost. Sun, again. Never has so much been done by so few in post-production to demonstrate that so many stupid people are so bothered by such heat exhaustion. SUUUUUN!

And now, Nakum, asleep on Day 9. Danni's rib cage poking up into the air like a sand dune. Cindy offers a voice-over in which she explains that these are the hottest conditions she's ever experienced. Which means, I suppose, that things are even more dramatic here than they are at the zoo. I do hear that the zoo is a place where there is a lot of excitement. Zoo emergencies are among the top causes of FBI intervention in civic affairs, they say. "Triple digits, every day," Cindy laments. The entire city of Phoenix, Arizona makes a yanking motion with one hand. We next see Farmer Beavis, not much happier himself, covering his face in his hands in hot despair. (Not hot in the "hott" sense, although I'm sure he thinks so.) His long-sleeved coral work shirt (?) is beginning to show serious signs of grunge. Margaret comments to him that with the temperature being what it is, getting anywhere near the fire is a complete nightmare. Looking greasy and bitten and thoroughly knocked off the cocky block he was riding just a few days ago, Farmer Beavis agrees. I love it when a guy on this show is revealed to have spent years working an incredibly calculated scraggly look. Because as soon as he gets away from all his products, he stops looking like he stepped out of Details and starts looking like he stepped out of The Monthly Digest Of Guys Who Live In The Alley Behind The 7-Eleven. Margaret interviews that the team is worn out. As Bobby Jon pounds some corn, she explains that yesterday's basketball challenge pretty much finished them off entirely. The team, along with the monkeys with whom it lives, is "sapped of energy."

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